-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle

That is the spirit of faith for you, it brings you into your future
and you are operating in it, in the present.
One lady came from Switzerland many years ago, we were in Kaduna, I
have told you that story before. She was cumbered with troubles and
said, “Sir, please pray for me and I will give you an offering.”
When I pounced on her, she froze. I said, “if you are not blind, you
will know I am richer than you.” 1987
A governor gave me an envelope here 1990. I said, “I hope it is your
money”: you will find it in my various documents. He puts his name
there, he said, “Sir, it is my money.”
Not that I opened it and it was small.
How dare you? Give me something! To do what with it?
Operating in the reality of your future.
You are not begging issues.
I can’t partake of your stolen stuff. Glory to God.
Many people have been blessing this Church that are not partakers of
such money and the only way to keep seeing that happen is to tie
yourself with God and then you find favour from God flowing in your
You won’t miss it.
-Everybody in this Church must carry the identity of prosperity by
just diligently working in the covenant of abundance.

tirelessly, enjoyably, delightsomely, not coerced.

By Matex

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