• Pastor Paul Enenche at Early Will I Seek You on ‘DELIGHT IN THE ALMIGHTY‘, Glory Dome.

  • Job 22:26-30.
    When you set your delight in the Lord there’s a guarantee of dividend.

  1. The guarantee of praying and been heard.
  2. The guarantee of receiving answers and fulfilling vows : When Hannah made a vow there was no child but when the answer came she fulfilled her vow. Vow is what you intend to give while sacrifice is what is in your hands already.
  3. The guarantee of decreeing and see it established.
  4. Access to the light of direction. Job 22:28.
  5. Standing out where others are cast down. Job 22 : 29
  6. Rescue for the humble: that’s nobody takes your humility for granted.
  7. Deliverance for the innocent. Job 22:30
    Joel 2:21
    Father, thank You for the dawning of a new day. Thank You in advance for every miracle, sign and wonder designed for the Healing service today. To You be all the Glory Lord in Jesus’Name.
    Isaiah 53:1
    Father we ask that You will make Your Might and Power known in the Healing and Deliverance Service today.
    Cause us, Lord, to experience the revelation of Your Arm of power today, Lord in Jesus’ Name.
    Ephesians 3:10
    Father, we ask that You will manifest Yourself in incredible ways at the Enugu Healing and Deliverance Crusade, Lord in Jesus’Name. Demonstrate to principalities and powers, Your manifold wisdom in the Crusade Lord in Jesus’Name.
    2 Corinthians 4:3-4
    Father we break every blindfolding influence of the god of this world on the people of the Land of Enugu and the East in general. We ask for a massive harvest of souls, Lord in Jesus’Name.
    Psalm 68:30
    Father, look on us with mercy and deliver us from the wrath of the enemy. Rebuke the company of spearmen and scatter those who delight in war against my life, family, destiny, Church, Dunamis, and the Nation, Nigeria, Lord in Jesus’ Name.
    Father, I thank You because I have prayed today and You have heard me. Thank You Lord in the Name of Jesus.
    Father, I thank You Lord because You have heard me and I thank You Lord for giving me the capacity to fulfill my vows. Thank You Lord in the Name of Jesus.
    Father, I thank You for Your perfect plan for my life. I decree the frustration of the plan of enemy against my life.
    Father, I gain access to revelational light for my destiny. I gain access to needed direction for my life in the Name of Jesus.
    Father, I decree I am standing out as others are cast down in this season in Jesus’Name.
    Father, I receive rescue and deliverance from every mindless confrontation and conspiracy of the adversary against my life. I receive the proof of my innocence today.
    Lift your hands let’s appreciate the King of kings as we celebrate Him today.
    Anywhere they mention your name for evil and disaster, fire shall answer on your behalf.

By Matex

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