Normal people require sex.
And Sex is the sweetest thing God created.

It is not true that you will get mad when you don’t have sex.

But Sex is special and a very important part of the equation and composition of the human being.

Only an unusual man could live without sex.

Most normal healthy men need a wife. Most healthy women also needs a husband.

Our sexuality is a part of God’s image in us.
He made males with a penis and females with a vagina so that the joining of these organs could physically symbolize the inter-penetrating intimacy that grows between a husband and wife throughout their marriage.

Staying without a spouse is the most sexually dangerous period in our lives. God originally designed sexual orgasm to bind us to our husband or wife. Sex is designed as a glue that holds couples together.

Sex is not categorically sinful; so each man should have his wife and each woman her husband. Sexual consciousness is not sin.

Marriage therefore, became necessary to prevent fornication.
A strong sexual urge is not sin.
God initiated and ordained marriage to prevent the sin of misapplied sexual urge.

Outside marriage, the enjoyment of having sex is short lived.

And when it is over you are left disappointed, looking for another fix to appease your lust, much like a drug addict craves another hit.

Reserve the very best for your future mate, you are putting him at the bottom of your list by sharing your body with any guy.

Your body is a savings account to give to your mate as a wedding present, not to be spent on anything else.

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By Matex

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