Archbishop, Church of God Missions Int’l Inc.
A Mother of Many Nations.
Today we celebrate the Man called Mama and matriarch of the Idahosa family of Renowned God’s General, Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory.
We appreciate the great Grace of God upon your life and Ministry.
We bless God for what he has used your hands to do over the last few decades.
We thank God for your steadfastness and Commitment to the Work in your hands over the Years.
From keeping on the fire at the Faith Arena to the great testimonies at Benson Idahosa University Benin and Okha Campuses to the expansion at the Balm of Gilead and all other churches around the world.

We pray for greater unction and wisdom as you continue to lead God’s Flock.
We pray for many more years for you in Good health, Abundance, continuous prosperity and fulfillment.
May your children’s children to the fourth generation surround your table as Jesus tarries.
Congratulations and God’s multiplied Blessings Ma.

By Matex

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