Don Moen Is a popularly known as an american gospel lead singer, a father, a husband and a lover of God.

His songs over the years has been songs of both revival and a song to the spirit that has in no small way blessed and changed and transformed the lives of as many that has listened to his songs.

Today, him and his wife Celebrates their 48th yrs of Marriage together looking so full of life and strong.

We so appreciate God for the life of don Moen as he is a tool used by God to really bless and change lives all over the world.

Our earnest prayer for you, your family and your children is that the sure mercies of david rest with you all. AMEN!!

Some of his songs includes
🎶 Our Father
🎶 River of love
🎶 Thank you Lord
🎶 Shout to the Lord
🎶 Creator King
And more….


By Matex

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