– Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo at COZA Tuesday

Having a personal relationship with God and not coming to church is a trap but coming to church without having a personal relationship with God is a deeper trap.

Exodus 19: 15-25, Exodus 20: 18-22.

This is the position of people over and over again. God wants to dwell among His people, He loves to be with His people but many want to worship Him from afar.

When Jesus Christ died on the Cross of Calvary, the partition that divided the people from the Holiest altar tore into two and the Bible says it tore from top to bottom which means the order was from above that now, nobody should have a veil that is separating them from God anymore.

There is no High Priest on earth again, we are all Priests, the High Priest we have is Christ Jesus. High Priests are mediums, conduits which people go through. Now, the Bible says ‘Let us come boldly’ not with trembling.

God wants to dwell among His people, that was why He asked Moses to build for Him a tabernacle. He wants to fellowship with His people. God is not just interested in people coming to church.

Having a personal relationship with God and not coming to church is a trap but coming to church without having a personal relationship with God is a deeper trap because you are now in a social club where everyone is pointing at the devil but you are not empowered so that when you are alone, you can stand against the devil you are pointing at.

The reason your serving God and your coming to church is not profiting is because you have lost this thing that we are talking about. God already drew near to you at Calvary, you are now supposed to draw near to God, James 4: 7-8.

God has asked me to challenge every COZA member to build an altar for Him. Take your worship, fellowship and relationship with God beyond church. Go and build an altar.

When you do that, you will see some things that you could sense were inside you, begin to surface.

If you don’t have an altar where the refiner can work on you, where He can refine you, where will He put what He wants to put in you?

Where will He polish you to make you shine? God really wants a relationship with His children but many of His children want an affair.

One-night-stand Tuesday Service and go away.

One-night-stand Sunday Service and go away.
God is saying ‘No, I want a relationship with you, I want to be in your life, I don’t want to be a fling, I want us to have koinonia together, I made you for fellowship’.

There is no tree under another tree that can grow tall. Having a Pastor has a covering is good, but to grow tall you must still expose yourself to the sun, you must pray for yourself.

We come in to the earth through other human beings but at some point, you need to cut-off the umbilical cord so that the child can take in its own energy, if you don’t cut it off, that child will die.

I have a feeling that you’ve been on life-support for too long, you need to take in your own oxygen.
As a man, don’t just say, ‘My wife is praying’.

No matter how prayerful a woman is, there is a place for the husband.

When Isaac’s wife was barren, she prayed for years but when Isaac opened his mouth to pray for her, God opened her womb.
There is a place for the father, there is a place for the man in your life, modernity can’t take it away, soap opera can’t take it away.

Hebrews 12: 18-24. Where we have come to now as Christians is not the mountain that you saw the other time.

When you were born-again your spirit-being was birthed in this place and you are seated there now.

Philippians 3: 20, Psalm 87: 1-6. God actually paid the price to make sure you have access to this. Why did God give you this kind of unlimited access? God is crazy about fellowshipping with you. It is time to start developing fellowship with God on your own.


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