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Day One

Father, You are our helper and that’s why we have come to You today. We ask that You will breathe upon us this evening. We ask for Your word in season. We declare this year’s Youth Camp Meeting open in the name of Jesus. We take authority over every distraction, we take authority over every complications and we declare everything works in perfection in the name of Jesus!

Ecclesiastes 12:1
What are the requirements to make your latter years productive, make your latter years not a burden, make your latter years, years of joy, peace, pleasure and excitement. Praise the Lord!

I will start with a story. Some years ago, about 24-25 years ago, an elderly man came in to Church in Area 1, when the Church was still very young and he came in a wheelchair, he was in a wheelchair 25 years ago but he was telling us that he worked with a former colleague, the owner of Zenith Bank, who is alive and well and still carrying out transactions and running a bank.

They were colleagues that kept on like classmate. He came in a wheelchair, that was not even the issue, he came asking us for money, he came begging for money. What? It was an amazement to me and we asked him, what happened? How did you get in this kind of state and he said you know, when he was younger, he loves to travel, so he was always traveling.

He was naming how many Countries of the world he has been to and he loves to stay in nice hotels and carry ladies and all manner. He has now realized that he should have done like his friend that owns the bank and one or two others that he named for us as people that he was acquainted to.

That they didn’t travel and he thought they were suffering in life. They didn’t do all that, they barely spent money on themselves but he loves to wear designers clothes and shoes, the guy wrought his life at his youthful age and 20 years ago, he wasn’t even yet, maybe 80 and he was already incapacitated in a wheelchair and in poverty, begging for money to eat.

We are here to know in the next couple of days, what do I do so that my story is not like that. His own colleague, they shared tables at some point, became the owner of a bank. It was a big bank then, it is a bigger bank now. They started together; one is up, one is down.
It is from now, where we are now that will determine where we will be.

What are the keys to living a productive youthful life:

  1. Seek God first. Let God be your number one (Ecclesiastes 12:1).
    These are the times when you should pant after God.
    2 Timothy 2:15 – If you want to avoid shame in any area of life, study the Word. Not just in preaching but in every aspect of life.

Those of you that are still students in your academic pursuits, those of you that are working in your career pursuit; those of you that are looking for job, in your job search, in the study of the Word, the Lord can quicken up some very outstanding divine ideas that can make you become a multi-billionaire before the age of 30, you come to a point where the Word quickens you up.

The study of the Word, take it from me, opens up your mind, it opens up your mentality. It puts you on the cutting edge of that which you lay your hands to do

  • I announce to you today, after this conference, as you become the person of the Word, the Lord shall open your life and destiny in the name of Jesus.
  1. Be a person of prayer (James 5:16, 1 Thessalonians 5:17, 1 Timothy 2:8).

This morning, there are some things we’ve been trying to solve on the policy of dollar, as we were praying, boom, divine idea just came and I told somebody, I said that thing that we are struggling on, on how to send dollar out – this is the solution.
Let God be close to you.

People will come to a point, they cannot understand the mystery of your life, they cannot explain you, they don’t know where you are coming from, they don’t know how is this happening?

  • God is about to move you to that level after today in Jesus name!

The prayer must be effectual. Effectual – been based on the revelation of the Word of God. You are not praying out of point.

That same passage tells us about praying amidst because we are not praying in accordance with the Word of God. So you pray effectual and then you pray fervently. Prayer time is not lackadaisical, it is not sleep time.

You rather pray for thirty minutes and you will pray fervently than praying for three hours and you are sleeping half of the time – Effectual and fervent prayer.

Fervent means because you say what the Scripture has said concerning what you are praying, you are praying it with authority. Stop being satanic toys for him to just swing you around, you are not a puppet.

You are the child of the living God and God dwells in you and He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world and who is he that will say, when God has not commanded it and it will come to pass?

Nobody can victimise you, nobody can relegate you, nobody can stagnate you.

You don’t have money now because you didn’t go out to create money. Somebody was telling me the other day, the wife started shoe business with five thousand Naira, I think it was five hundred Naira or five thousand Naira, I can’t tell one of the two but today, she is selling foreign shoes, she is just doing well.

You don’t need a whole deal, what to ask yourself is, what am I passionate about?

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