• Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG Special August Thanksgiving Sunday.

I will tell you the story of a young man when we were in the old church there, an American came to preach, the fellow was as poor as any of us, he was so poor that himself, wife and five children were living in a room and parlor somewhere in Mushin.

The man of God just came down from the Pulpit and went to this young man and said, thus says the Lord, I will make you a billionaire if you will serve me. We were all envious of him.

Within months, money began to come and all of a sudden we won’t see him in church, I asked for him everytime they say he has traveled, everytime he had business abroad.

One time they came to me and said he had a heart attack, I said how come, he is a young man, go and bring him. They brought him, it was the time they were building Abuja, they gave him a contract that if he gets to a certain level they will pay him two hundred million dollars, two weeks before he got to the level when they will pay him the money, they canceled the contract, that was when the heart attack came.

I said to him, it is your problem, I was there when the man of God said you will become a millionaire if you serve God, now just a little had come in and you don’t have time for God. He said he was always having meetings, I said, ah, go and be having the meeting now.

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