David was so resisted that he fought 66 battles and won all because he was anointed

David fought many battles in his life time but lost none because the anointing was upon him. Every battle we fight today is because of the glorious tomorrow the devil has seen.
My mother told me about her experience when she carried my pregnancy, she said she almost lost it at six weeks old. She bled to the point that she thought she had lost the pregnancy. The devil knew I would be a might weapon of war in the hands of the Lord so he didn’t want my existence. But if God has laid his hand upon you, no devil can stop that tomorrow from arriving.
Beyond every great battle is strong mantle; If your battle is great, your mantle is strong. If you don’t want God to help someone then don’t hate the person, because if you hate a person God will help the person.
We will be studying the life of David today,
1.To understand the grace of God in the life of David.
2.To understand the secrets of that grace.
Grace is divine assistance where there was human resistance. Grace is what causes God to assist the resisted. It causes God to favour the disfavoured.
Grace causes God to qualify the disqualified or the unqualified. Grace makes the rejected to become the accepted. Grace is the grease for ease in life. When you look at the life of David, David was nothing but the picture and the symbol of grace.
Look at the live of David before grace found him; He was an abandoned child, in most cases the last born is always pampered and well taken care of, but he was forgotten in the bush at the mercy of the wild animals. He was not only left in the bush but was forgotten there, because it was prophet Samuel that reminded his father that he had another son. He asked are these all your children? It was then he remembered that David was in the bush (1 Samuel 16:11) David was the child that was despised and ignored.
Because when Samuel arrived, he spoke to Jesse to bring all his children for the sacrifice (1 Samuel 16:3-5) and Jesse must have decided that if it was the matter of a kingly material, these are the materials. He wasn’t given the chance to be in the scene until grace found him.
David was the victim of recurrent depression. You know the situation of people by their stories. Whatever was the situation of David, depression was among it. He kept on saying things like; “Why are you cast down oh my soul?” (Psalm 42:5-6,11).
David was carrying the burden of the family, he was the one left at the risk of facing lions and other wild animals in the bush at that tender age.
– Beloveth brothers and sisters, I am here to announce to somebody; what the enemy has brought against you is what the Lord will use against the enemy!
– What you passed through is what God is going to use to pass something through you to your generation!
– Your adversity is turning into your advancement
As a young unmarried man I counselled people on marriage because of how I grew up. Do you know that the challenges of life have a way of hardening a man? You know it is through pressure that charcoal becomes diamond.
The pressures of your life are about to turn you into something precious in your generation.
David was the victim of multiple conspiracies. It looks like everything ganged up to frustrate David’s life. He was a victim of multiple conspiracies and confrontations.
If it was not the lion and the bear, it will be Goliath or King Saul or the Amalekites or the Philistines or His own son, Absalom and the worst form of conspiracy is the one that comes from those that are closest to you. Those you think should be on your side. Those were the kind of things that this young man passed through. The devil never gave him the chance to become anything.
Here is a word of encouragement to someone today; know that beyond every great battle is strong mantle. If your battle is great, your mantle is strong. If the devil is confronting you with battles that are great, it means there is a mantle coming on your life that is strong. If you have passed through some battles in your life and there are things around you that seems so great beyond your control and your handling, it means that you are getting set to connect to a mantle, a generational mantle that the devil cannot stand.
This is why when you go to a person and request that rhe person gives you his or her anointing it is not easily transferrable, you need to experience what the person experienced, the revelation, light and insight that made the person whom he is is today.
Note this: Nothing is a disadvantage where God is involved. Nothing ends up as a disadvantage where God is involved (Romans 8:28). If your problem leads you to God, if it makes you pray more, then it’s not a problem in the real sense, it’s a way in which God brings you closer, meanwhile the devil thought he was punishing you.
All throughout scriptures, whenever God sees rejection, he releases the unction, that is why all that David went through was a stepping stone to greatness for him. That was how God aligned with Leah when God saw that Leah was hated, He opened her womb (Genesis 29:31).
What I’m saying to you is so true of my case but unfortunately I can’t go into details because when people look at your face and think they can read your future and not knowing that the future is not written on the face. They say to themselves that there is nothing about me now that can predict where I’m going in life and God said, you know what? I am going to pour oil on that young man’s head, on that young lady’s head, on that father and mother. Let me see what you will do to yourself.
What did the situation of David attract to him?
*David was anointed king in the presence of his brethren. The same people who hated him and had written him off were witnesses of his glorification. David became the reference King of Israel.
*David became the yardstick to measure kings in Israel. The same person who they taught could not amount to anything became to king.

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