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    Holy Ghost Service
  • Worship Him, appreciate Him
  • Father, if you are blessing two people here tonight, let be one of them
    By the grace of God, next month will be a special Holy Ghost Service for those who are trusting God for the fruit of the womb and other people who want to be fruitful. The theme of the Holy Ghost Service is ‘God Bless You’ (Part 😎 ‘You shall be fruitful’
    Next month is a special month for fruitfulness, there will be no Shiloh Hour in September.
    The Congress in December will be from 5th to 11th, it will be live and the theme is ‘The Siege Is Over’
    2 Corinthians 3: 18

When a theme is given, you will know as a preacher what kind of way you should relate. Some themes expect you to preach for example if the theme is ‘Behold the Lamb’, you know that is preaching for people to look into Jesus. If the topic is ‘Sanctification’, you know you are expected to teach not just preaching but teaching but when you have a topic like ‘All will be well’, you know God is asking you to bring a prophetic message.

Tonight, it is going to be well for someone.

The theme for this year’s Convention that we are to address tonight ‘A New Wave Of Glory’ is absolutely prophetic and because it is a prophetic topic, it is not necessarily going to be very long, you are not preaching or teaching but prophesying.

There was a time God gave me a prophetic topic and I was prepared, I prepared a sermon that could last at least one and a half hours, after fifteen minutes God stopped me and said I have already done what I wanted to do, keep your notes.

I am telling you this because God may say stop me because the one He has in mind has received what He wanted to say. Is someone listening to me
now? You are moving into a new wave of glory.

Glory comes in waves, one wave may die and another wave begins, many at times, in between two waves, there may be something different from glory, it is possible for someone to know glory before and then for one reason or the other he now knows shame and then God moves him to another glory, between two hills they may be a valley.

I am standing as a representative of my Father in heaven tonight that if your glory of the past has been followed by shame, that shame is over tonight.
Usually, a wave of glory is associated with an individual that is why there could be a multitude like we have here but it could be one fellow that God is interested in.

Joseph brought his family to Isreal and as long as he was alive, Isreal was in a glorious situation then Joseph died and a new king that didn’t know Joseph arouse and the glory of Isreal became shame.

One day, Moses came and there was a new wave of glory.

I prophesy to someone here today, your Moses is coming. Moses died and Joshua took over and what Moses was not able to do, Joshua did it, he took the children of Isreal into the Promise Land.
I prophesy to someone tonight, that goal that you have not been able to achieve, you will achieve now.
After some years, David came and he went from one victory to another to another, I declare in the name of the One who made heavens and earth, your victories will be won after another.
After David, Solomon came, Solomon didn’t fight a single war, victories are good things, peace is better, throughout the period Solomon, never fought a war.
Some of us will never fight another war.
When we talk about a new wave of glory it could mean that you were on a hill before, then you went to a valley and then you will begin to climb again. How I love the testimony of that my daughter that had a shop, six-story building and within a single day everything collapsed, I am sure she wasn’t singing hallelujah but then there was another wave and we saw her smiling. I decree to someone, everything the devil has destroyed in your life, you will get it back.
The man the Bible said had a withered hand in Luke 6:6-10, the Bible said the man had a withered hand and he was in the synagogue. The withered hand means the hand was well before but then it withered, the glory became shame, he was described as the man with the withered hand, his ability was gone. When the elders want to say destitute, they will say he has no hand to show.
The Almighty God came in. I thank God for the last testimony, I went to console my secretary because he lost his mother and miracles began to happen, tonight, the Almighty God Himself I serve, the One who called and anointed me will step into your house.
Jesus stepped into the Temple and the hand that was withered was restored. In every area that your hands have been withered, expect a surprise today.
Consider the case of a man in Mark 8:22-25, they said they brought a blind man to Jesus, he led him out of the city and spat on his eyes and asked him after putting his hands on him, he asked him, can you see anything? He said yes I see men like trees. How did he know trees? Because he used to see and problem came and he couldn’t see anymore. my Lord touched him again and he could now see clearly.
Let me start with those of you who have challenges with your eyes, in the Name that is above every other name, you will get new eyes.
Again I am referring to the last testimony, this fellow had been blind for years and he came to see Daddy G.O. but Daddy G.O was not around and the secretary said I am a secretary and he took a handkerchief we have blessed before and put on his eyes, four days later, the fellow came back seeing completely.
You don’t need Daddy GO tonight, you have his God, He will touch you, He will restore your sight.
You know that sight also is associated with vision, when we talk about vision, we are also talking about ambition, several of us who have seen ourselves great and doing mighty things and after years, we feel that it is not likely that it is going to be. I prophesy to you tonight, every greatness you dream about shall come to pass.
When we dream of a new wave of glory, we can talk about somebody who used to be rich and then became poor and then recovered like Job. There is a covenant between me and my God, I will praise Him and the best way to praise Him is in my mother tongue.
Job was wealthy before, tragedy came, he lost everything but the Bible says in Job 42:10-12, God turned the captivity of Job and things became glorious again. All of you who used to be rich and now you are struggling, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, you shall be wealthy again.
When we talk about a new wave of glory,
Daddy says there is someone here, your progress was steady and fast before and all of a sudden it stopped, the Lord asked me to tell you, your progress will be faster than before. Daddy says I should tell someone, the one who set your marriage on fire shall be set on fire too.
When we talk about a new wave of glory, we can look at it from the mental aspect.
Daniel 4, talks about a mighty King, he didn’t listen to advice and he became like an animal for seven years and one day God restored his understanding and he said excellent glory was added into me. I believe this is for students, after tonight, you will never fail another exam.
It is possible to go from one glory to another without a break or if there are breaks they will be brief breaks that will lead you to something higher like Joseph for example. He was the favorite of his father, wearing the coat of many colours and became the envy of his brothers. He started dreaming and that became a problem, the brothers sold him to slavery and in the house of the slave owner he became chief executive officer, someone lied against him and they threw him in prison, he became a chief executive officer. He moved from prison to palace, became a prime minister and then one day, his brothers came and fell down before him. I prophesy to someone, those who say you won’t reach your goal are coming to bow down to you.
Joseph moved from one wave of glory to another and to another.

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