SLOGAN: “Forgiveness is a sin; Vengeance belongs to us”

My name is Angela, but my friends call me Angel. I got delivered from daughters of jezebel confraternity; and I have a confession to make.

The popular “SLAY-QUEEN” jibe that is being used randomly today is actually a title from our Marine Kingdom. It’s a rank that a daughter of Jezebel works so hard to attain. It comes with a crown, but also with a bigger task to be accomplished.

About 90% of girls out there answering slay queens are possessed with the Black Mamba serpentine spirits. They are snakes by all ramifications. They can kill and destroy any vulnerable man within a twinkle of an eye. If any girl tells you that her name is Angel or Princess, kindly run away from her. Princess is not a name. it’s a title or a rank. Angel is not a name, it’s an office. People must be careful of those who claim to bear those names.

I attained the rank of a Slay Queen before my encounter with Christ and eventual deliverance from the kingdom of darkness. God arrested me at a Church in Ghana, where I had gone to pick up a friend who requested that we meet after their evening service, so we could go out together that night. My feet started burning as soon as I dropped from my car and stepped on the premises of the Church. The heat of the fire was so intense that I started manifesting and screaming, until the pastor of the Church prayed for me and led me to Christ.

All slay queens are serpents in reality. They can turn into a snake at any given point in time. It doesn’t matter if it’s day time or night time. They can disappear, appear and reappear at any material time.

My confession right now is particularly going to be about our fight with three major popular Nigerian Pastors; in the persons of Apostle Johnson Suleiman, Bishop Oyedepo and Pastor Kumuyi. These men are serious terrors to our Kingdom. They have done us more harm than the rest of other big pastors around.

Pastor Kumuyi reduced our kingdom during one of his open field crusades in Badagri, Lagos, some years ago. He sent fire that consumed our kingdom and also made us lose a lot of our maidens and young princesses. He demystified them in that process, and our Queen-Mother invoked our slogan of “Forgiveness is a sin; Vengeance belongs to us”. Kumuyi was placed on our watch list, until we got information about his planned crusade in Gnana that same season.

A swift code alert was sent to the Ghana Marine Temple to get ready for him. He was physically attacked in a popular hotel at the middle of the night, but unfortunately for us, he was awake and was even praying as at the time. An attempt to sexually seduce him and capture it on camera failed. His wife was right there with him at the hotel room.

All the media propaganda that were staged to tarnish his image and destroy his ministry, backfired.

Pastor Kumuyi delivered that maiden, prayed for all the media crews that were hired, forgave them and moved on. Our Ghana marine temple lost that valuable daughter of Jezebel in the operation. Not only that, Pastor Kumuyi sent more fire to our Kingdom. We had serous casualties in that event.

Bishop Oyedepo is a popular name in the global kingdom of darkness. His name rings a bell, and he is very ruthless when it comes to pronouncing judgements against the pit of hell. We discovered that he was almost idolizing his wife at a time; by always praising her everywhere he appeared to preach.

Our Kingdom took a decision to make him a widower. His wife’s health was badly attacked, and she was almost going to die, until all of a sudden, Oyedepo got angry and stood his ground. This man dragged the soul of his wife out of our grip. We lost that battle. The reason we came for his wife was that she’s the soul of their ministry.

The Church is named after her. If we had succeeded in terminating her life, it would have been the end of the ministry. This is because, in one of our missions, we intercepted one of his midnight prayers where he challenged God to either heal his wife, or he would drop his bible and follow the devil.

Apostle Johnson Suleiman is the most brutal amongst them. We call him “THE WICKED APOSTLE”. He is known to be too judgmental when it comes to matters that has to do with forces of the marine kingdoms. Our real battle with him started in 2016, when he was always spitting fire against us, instead of minding his own business.

A legion of daughters of Jezebel were dispatched to win souls at Auchi Poly that year. While we were on campus executing our mission, Apostle Johnson Suleiman held a crusade coincidentally during our harvest of souls. He caused an earthquake in our Kingdom right from his crusade ground. And we were all summoned back to base by our Queen mother. But as we disappeared and reappeared at the deep sea, we weren’t complete in numbers anymore. Some of our slay queens were trapped on earth.

They were delivered by Apostle Johnson Suleiman. He sent fire into our temple, and burnt a lot of our precious instruments and decorative ornaments. Our Queen mother got enraged and invoked our slogan which says: “Forgiveness is a sin, and Vengeance belongs to us”.

She mobilized all her daughters from Lagos Temple, Port-Harcourt Temple, Ghana Temple, and Benin Republic Temples. These temples are all in the waters. We bombarded him in our numbers. But he was surrounded with fire. We could see the fire spiritually, but the people at the crusade ground couldn’t see the fire covering the man. We did everything possible to rescue our slay queens, but couldn’t succeed. We lost that battle.

The Queen mother vowed to destroy Apostle Johnson Suleiman’s ministry, and then terminate his life. But the man has proven too difficult to be killed. This man does not sleep at night. We always receive fire from his territory. He prays at night, and studies the Bible during the day. He travels with legions of Angels from heaven. And they always point shining silver sword at us, and keep warning us each time we move to launch our attacks against him. That’s why he is perceived as being too proud and arrogant in the marine world. He moves around as if he’s a spirit.

As the queen mother discovered how difficult it is to kill him and destroy his ministry, she decided to dispatch us periodically to fabricate lies against him, by poisoning the minds of people and turning them against him; we also manipulate the media to carry our false stories. We have some of the bloggers who propagate those falsehoods against Apostle Johnson Suleiman as members of our confraternity. But there are also others who are not part of us as members. Although, they are usually possessed to join the media war against innocent men of God, without knowing what they are doing, and why they are even doing it.

Apostle Johnson Suleiman is unkillable, and his ministry is preserved by God; that is why it has refused to go down since all these years that we drew a battle line with him. The man is a terror to the kingdom of darkness. We have tried to take his wife or pick his children one by one, but this man doesn’t sleep at night. He’s always alert and praying like a mad man, with unimaginable energy. Even after several attempts to poison him, the man seems to have a neutralizer in his body.

Our queen mother had to attack some vulnerable people around him, possessed them, and began to use them against him. She blew the breeze of hatred against the brutal Apostle, even from among those living with him.

Quite a notable individuals attacking Apostle Suleiman are our members. We are scattered all over the world. We have our marine temples in Africa, in Europe, in America, in Asia etc; connecting through the Atlantic Ocean. I’m here today to say that Apostle Johnson Suleiman is not really what he has been painted to be in the eyes of the public; over the years. They are all mere blackmails orchestrated to smear his personality and character.

Check out the trend and be the judge yourselves. It has consistently remained the same pattern over time. It is more spiritual than natural. It is sponsored by our confraternity as a form of revenge for all the damages he has caused us. He touched the Queen mother’s tail, and she invoked the wrath of vengeance which states that forgiveness is a sin.

I have left the confraternity, but they are still chasing me to come back or I die. They have been tormenting me ever since I had encounter with Christ. I used to be a member of Ghana Marine Temple. But I had to abandon my house and business to take refuge somewhere; as I’m now vulnerable to attacks. My wealth and properties are gone. They are pushing me to commit suicide. And I’m already suffering some symptoms of periodic mental disorders. Depression and anxiety are seriously telling on me.

I appeal to true believers all over the world to pray for me; as I no longer sleep well at night, and also do not have peace of mind anymore. I want to live a normal life again, and be totally free from their constant threat to my life. I’m already in my forties, but not yet married. I have lost valuable part of my life working for the kingdom of darkness. But thank God I’m now in Christ.

I will keep exposing some vital secret information as time goes on. And I will even start mentioning names too. I will be coming for some bloggers in due course, and expose them on how all the bargains are made behind the scene before each media attack.

Thank you.
Cc media Apostle.

By Matex

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