A Pastor friend of mine visited a city from another state for a family function, that will last for about a week.

I got to know of his visit to that State. So I said to him, when you arrive, I have a contact I will link you to, that will give you the opportunity to bless lives in that location, since you will still be on ground by Sunday morning. He did not ask for it, he only told me about his movement.

By the time he was through with what he came for by Saturday night, he needed to just stay in his hotel room Sunday morning and moved out of town later in the day. Me, Knowing fully well he was there, I took my phone and called a man who I have done everything to honour my relationship with him.

Good morning sir, there is somebody in your city in the hotel this Sunday morning, he is a very sound preacher of God’s word. I will want him to fellowship with you sir, even if it is to just greet the people. He is someone I know very well.

He is not expecting anything from you sir, just to be in a church setting this morning, instead of staying in the hotel room doing nothing.

From the other end of the phone: I heard, Bishop I don’t do this, not even on a Sunday morning. It is not possible, but since it is coming from you, I will break my principle to honour our Relationship. Send me his number.

They both connected, and the person I recommended was a huge blessing to the congregation.

So glad the Church was highly blessed.

And when the person I introduced was leaving the seed they gave him covered all expenses for his trip with enough left over. In the words of my friend, this kind of money is what they give me, if I minister for like three days in most places. How can I just walk into a place and minister for less than an hour and you give me this kind of money? The most funny aspect of it is that I didn’t even raise money during the service.

My Brother, God will bless you for the recommendation.





1. INVEST IN RELATIONSHIPS:Never think you can harvest from a relationship, you have not invested in. I know my investment in both relationships.

2. DON’T LOOK FOR PERFECT PEOPLE: You will always enjoy what you love in them, and endure what you don’t love in them. To wait for the perfect, is to end up alone in life. Don’t leave a relevant relationship over a few faults.

3. DON’T BE AFRAID TO RELATE OUT OF THE BOX: The person I recommended and the one I recommended him to, are all not in what you will call my family spiritual tree. I know my family tree, I also know where I get my family fruits. Sometimes the fruit and tree are not in the same place.

4. ALWAYS APPRECIATE PEOPLE’S EFFORTS: Immediately my friend finished talking with me, from my own pocket I sent a recharge card of 10,000 naira to the person I called, just to say thank you sir for picking my call on a Sunday morning, and for even putting a call to him. This recharge card is to replace the one you used in calling him.

5. IF A RELATIONSHIP IS BENEFICIAL TO YOU, NEVER ALLOW ANYONE TURN YOU AGAINST SUCH PEOPLE: How can the man that can help you, but will never help you, be the same man telling you to disconnect from where your help is coming from? Don’t be that foolish please. Some people hate me for the people I choose to relate with, forgetting that my interest is more important than their hatred.

6. KEEP THE SECRETS OF ALL RELEVANT RELATIONSHIPS THAT YOU HAVE: You may not agree with me, because you always like to argue. ALL GREAT MEN AND WOMEN ARE HIDING SOMETHING. There is no person that is great, that does not have a secret he or she is hiding. If you cannot keep secrets you cannot keep great people around you. Okay, mention the names of the 2 other parties involved in this story. That is how to keep people’s secrets. If I write their names, will they beat me? But I would have exposed the identities of men who may not want to be known.

7. DONT ALWAYS BE AT THE RECEIVING END, BY ALL MEANS, TRY AND SACRIFICE FOR YOUR RELATIONSHIPS NO MATTER HOW SMALL IT IS: Some people know that life has placed them above you in everything, all they want is the little love you can show to them. Even if it means sending regular prayer texts to them, they will value it. It must not always be what they can do. You do the little you can do and let them do the much they can do. That is how it works.

Be blessed.

Irabor Wisdom
Presiding Bishop Answers Assembly Warri Delta State Nigeria.

By Matex

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