-says Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
Covenant Day of Vengeance and Anointing Service

What a glorious, stress-free execution.
You walk through this compound, you won’t know anything is going on.

Bishop David Oyedepo has announced that while the Ark is the largest project ever undertaken by Living Faith Church Worldwide, it is also the easiest ever embarked upon as it is happening without pressure. He admonished worshippers to also ensure that they hear from God before undertaking steps in each one’s lives.

Speaking yesterday, Church Gist quoted him as saying:

“Lord, you have given us the privilege to partner with You in building The Ark, now we await the marching order” – QUIET.
“Lord, what are you saying?” – QUIET, then, DON’T TALK TO ME ON THIS MATTER ANYMORE. Call upon Me, I will answer you, then I rested my case. No struggle, He is the Owner of the job. He (God) said, “don’t talk to Me anymore on this matter, until I talk to you, if I need to.”
(My response): ‘Make you no vex’ (Don’t be angry).

Call upon Me and I will (answer). You can go for 100 days of fasting, if you can’t hear the answer, you are just frustrated. And when the time came, He just came in and what a glorious, stress-free execution.

The cheapest project ever embarked upon in this Commission is the largest we have ever done.

He leads you beside the still waters. He was putting everything together without our knowledge. He was changing location without our knowledge. He did everything so neatly.

You walk through this compound, you won’t know anything is going on.

It is covered somewhere and yet… Call upon Me, don’t just move. Everybody is moving, so I am moving. Everybody is running, so I am running. The greatest discovery in the Kingdom is the discovery of your individuality.

“… I called him ALONE” – Isaiah 51:2
Kingdom race is a race of individuality. You need to be personal about your walk with God. It is so important. “I called him ALONE.”
So everybody is absolutely responsible for the outcome of his life. Every believer is absolutely responsible for the outcome of his life” The Bishop concluded.

Some recent pictures of the Ark which is growing fast is attached.


CDoV is an acronym for Covenant Day of Vengeance

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