Whether we like it or not.

Apostle Johnson suleman is representing a movement in Nigeria.

There are 12 Movements in the body of Christ. As far as the message of Pentecostalism is concerned.

They may not be limited to these 12. But those of us who are sincere in our analysis of Pentecostalism in Nigeria will agree with the presence of these movements, and the names of those at the vanguard of each movement.

1. The prosperity Movement that was headed by the late Arch-Bishop of the church of God Mission and was handed over to Papa Oyedepo of Winners Chapel, which has also rested heavily on Pastor David Ibiyoemie.

2. The signs and wonders Movement headed by Papa Adeboye.

3. The Holiness Movement headed by Papa Kumuyi of Deeper life.

4. The Faith Movement is headed by Papa Oyedepo.

5. The Prayer movement was headed by Ayo Babalola, and is now headed by Dr. Olukoya of MFM.

6. The Deliverance Movement is headed by Papa Ayo Oritsejafor. You may not agree but he started the Hour of Deliverance in the eighties.

7. The New Creation and Healing Movements are headed by Chris Oyakhilome.

8. The marriage movement was headed by The late Bimbo Odukoya, whose Mantle is now resting on Pst Kingsley Okonkwo.

9. The Grace Movement is headed by Dr. Abel Damina.

10. The Leadership movement is headed by Rev Sam Adeyemi. No pastor in Africa has the capacity of Rev Sam Adeyemi in celebrating you after leaving him. A man who has not been in church physically for close to four years now, yet the church is waxing strong daily. Most Nigeria Founders can’t try it, everything is built around them.

11. The Revival and Crusade movement is headed by Papa Uma Ukpai and Dr. Paul Enenche.

12. The Prophetic movement is headed by Apostle Johnson Suleman.

This is not human worship, you will agree these men are known for these movements.

It is not about you did not mention the name of this man or that man.

All these movements have their ardent Followers, Fans, Disciples, Sons, and Daughters.

If you come against any one of them, their followers will also come against you.

At best you can only pray for their restoration according to scripture if it is established that they have fallen from the faith.

At the moment, it is the Prophetic movement that is under attack.

The man they are fighting in my own opinion seems to be the only one who is even well rooted and grounded among those in the Prophetic office.

From Prophet Chris Okafor to Prophet Joshua Iginla and Prophet Jeremiah, None of them is as deep as Apostle Johnson Suleman in the matters of Scriptures.

This is my own view, which I am entitled to

If you look at the matter, with the eyes of the kingdom, coupled with the multitude of men and women that are tied to the Prophetic movement, it is in the interest of the kingdom, for nothing to happen to a man, that too many people have tied their faith to.

The man in your eyes may be wrong, but the multitudes of followers that believe in him cannot be wrong.

So it is a crisis against the body and not just against a man.

The biggest challenge of the prophetic is that the mantle of calling Names cannot be traced to any Elderly father alive in Nigeria. It can only be traced to New generation fathers.

Which is still okay, but not completely okay.

I suggest Prophetic fathers in Nigeria should call their Spiritual sons to order, they are part of the problems the fathers are having.

Every son misbehaving will tell you, that is what everyone is doing. Including fathers.

When you see a son committing atrocities, he will mention one of the prophetic fathers as his Spiritual father.

There should be regular training and retraining for those in the prophetic office.

Otherwise, the matter will get out of hand.

Because for every 10 Pastors in Nigeria that is misbehaving, 8 of them must be in the Prophetic office.

Is it that other movements within the Pentecostal circle are not misbehaving? Of course, they are.
But they seem to have either self-control more than the Prophets. Or have an image to protect more than the prophets.

This is not about leaving your father and looking for a new father.

Only a father with a large heart can manage a son who is a prophet. Because when there is pressure on him to abandon you, he won’t think twice before throwing you away, because his name is more important than your battles.

So within the Prophetic community, a structure should be put in the place, where the sons of the prophets can be called to order.

Otherwise, the current situation of things, where prophets are ashamed to be called prophets will remain.

In my service this morning, I operated accurately the prophetic Mantle, I even told a lady the exact thing she told herself at home this morning before coming to service, she was in tears, but I will never want to be addressed as a prophet.

The fathers themselves are also not left out, they are also not in talking terms among themselves in some quarters.

They have a way of fighting themselves at the top.

If a father in the prophetic is having a problem, check it very well another father in the prophetic is always behind it.

Most of them are prophets without a father that can call them to order if they go wrong.

May God save the Prophetic Ministry in Nigeria.

Irabor wisdom
Presiding Bishop
Answers Assembly Warri Delta state.

By Matex

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