Anytime He is preparing for a special program a story will come out of nowhere.

First : More than a year ago Daddy E. A. Adeboye was to be invited to O.F.M. and one David came up with a story against the Restoration Apostle.

SECOND: Last year December Papa Ayo Oritsejafor was invited… then a lie came from nowhere again that him Papa Ayo has divorced his wife…..

OCTOBER 2022 MINISTER’S CONFERENCE: Assassination attempt on his life and his entire family. God saved them and they changed the story immediately to “bullet proof car ” this and that.

NOW: Immediately it was announced that Prophet Uebert Angel is coming to OMEGA FIRE MINISTRIES Auchi, these offspring of Jezebel and darkness started their usual “DEMONIC NONSENSE!

Satan we’re used to this your strategy and pattern of blackmailing. Your children are not smart at all, they are not doing well. They have exhausted your materials and repeating last episode with different actors and actresses.

We are not perturbed!
For we that love Apostle Johnson Suleman, our love is growing deeper and stronger.
The stupid lies and allegations told against him, is for his haters to keep themselves busy. At least they will have something to talk about.

Agents from the underworld, children of Delilah who think that the wave of the Holy Spirit upon a man like AJS can’t be stopped. Its too late
HE has crossed this River before!
He is not disturbed…..the work is progressing and prospering mightily.

From nation to nation, continent to continent the Restoration Apostle is going and will continue to do the work of Him that sent him…he is unstoppable.


Apostle Johnson Suleman
Lizzy Johnson Suleman

By Matex

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