Are you a lady that is tired of been single? And you really desire to a have a man in your life? It is not as difficult as it seems, there are just few tips to follow to get the man of your dream, and I will be sharing some of them below;

Due to various reasons, many ladies out there are still single, even those that ought to have been married with their second child, it is not a spiritual problem, but most times, people are not sensitive to certain issues of life, which can handle this singleness.

Today, I will give you some good tips to end the singleness phase in your life;

  1. Be Accommodating : Many ladies are not friendly, some are even hostile, they won’t greet, they won’t reckon with people in the society, this is dangerous for you as a lady, you must understand that you hold the key to your life, and when you are complicated, people will believe you are proud and unapproachable, any guy that want to date you must first be a friend with you, so if you are unfriendly, you will probably spend the rest of your life as a single, you need to be friendly to get a partner, this is so vital.
  2. Be Social: This means, be going out, go to major places, like Church, schools and other systems of the society, these are the places where you can find your life partner, you can’t be sitting down inside your house and say, you are looking for a man, a man will not come into your house to know you, he will first meet you outside before he visits you, so be social, don’t be such lady that spend the whole day indoor, this is not good for a lady that is ripe for relationship and marriage, just the same way, we go in such for money, you must go out, so as to be found.
  3. Be Discipline: This is where many ladies bury their own life, be discipline both in dressing, character and conduct. Don’t say, you are looking for a man, and you dress anyhow like an harlot, you will end up getting an harlot-minded guy who is seeking for sex partner and not life partner. Be discipline in you manners, don’t go with a man to the restaurant and be telling him how hungry you are, or how that; the food is not enough, you need more, these are wrong signals you are passing to a new date or lover, you need to compose yourself, it is one thing to find a man, it is another thing to keep the man, so make the right choice.
  4. Be Specific : Some ladies out of desperation will keep a man, for a whole year or two, and never talk about marriage or where they are heading, this is not good, it is not even safe, because some guys are terrible, he can be planning hiss wedding with another girl, while serving your own sexual pleasure, you need to be specific about your decision and action, as a matter of fact, a man is bound to remain and respect a woman that is willing to marry, more than the one that is just playing around, life runs on time and time waits for nobody, so you had better ask him, and discuss the future of the relationship before it’s too late, so that you don’t remain single for the rest of your life.

Above all, pray for the right man to come your way and ensure you are also living your life to be a the right woman, because you are whom you attract, you will always attract your type, both in marriage and in friendship.

By Matex

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