My First Time encounter with Mercy Chinwo- Christian lady narrates

Throwback Thursday 😂
Here is a throwback to the first day I met Minister Mercy Chinwo in 2019
She was Ministering in my city and I had prior discussed with her that we were going to see bcos she had known me for doing most of her song covers.

The only money on me was the 10k I wanted to sow into her life and I didn’t have a transport fare to get to the venue for the program 😂 to cut the long story short, I took 500 from the money for transport so it remained 9500.

Finally I was able to navigate through the heavy protocol by the help of Mr Eezee who carried me in his own car to Minister Mercy’s hotel.

We finally met and this Woman of God gave me a warm hug like we’ve known for ages.

We talked for about 15mins where she told me a few things that has stuck with me till today. I finally brought out my 9500 seed to sow and amazingly she shared the money into two gave me 5k and took 4500 saying she likes #500 which was why she took 4500.

I refused oo 😂😂 but she insisted then I remembered I didn’t have t,fare back home so I collected it.

Mind you I also told her the seed was supposed to be 10k but that I had to take small money for transport. 😂

She made a heartfelt prayer for me and asked we take pictures together. I didn’t come with a good phone cos taking pictures weren’t part of the plan I needed to hear secrets not Selfies .

But in her humility she said we should take pictures, she used her phone as u can see in the selfies that she was the one taking them and thereafter gave her P.A to snap us. I couldn’t believe my eyes 👀 that made me love her even more 💗

Later the next day when I was able to lay my hands on a phone, she sent me the pictures herself.

This was at the peak of Minister Mercy’s career. She was big and is bigger now but from my story you could learn and perceive humility in every action.

God will always resist the proud and give grace to the humble.

I hope you’re able to learn from this story.

Thank you Minister Mercy Chinwo Blessed for the contributions you made in my life.
This greatness story won’t be complete without you.

Ps: don’t save this pictures oo my look may cause you a few nightmares 😂

Ugee Royalty

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