My Terrible encounter with a Lesbian and How God helped Me – Christian Lady Narrates story

Yeah, we traveled for a wedding and we were paired in a hotel to sleep on the same bed. Mehn! It’s a day I’ll never forget in a hurry.

Every other lady wanted me to share rooms with them cause we contributed money for the booking of the hotel and said since we’re ladies, let’s just do a 2 to 1 thing. Everybody was picking me but I noticed this sister took it personal that it has to me and her and I just adhered to it since it’s just to pass a night.

I took my bath and dressed in my pyjamas right in the bathroom cause I’m so skeptical about my personal belongings not to even talk of my body. She didn’t believe I will dress in the bathroom and wanted to take the matter personal again, this taking things personal started before that night.

She’s always angry when she sees guys around me, maybe taking to me or trying to pass a message to me, she’ll disgrace them in the church, so people do call her my mum cause she was so protective of me. I was playing the keyboard for them back then and it was a Christ Embassy branch.

This night, I laid on the bed to sleep, I had slept off when I started feeling strange movement on laps and some awkward sexual sounds, I slightly opened my eyes and saw her, many thought came across my mind like should I just look for something to hit this lady on her head another thought came to my head that I should shift away from that side, which I did, and she removed her hand from me immediately, after a while for like 3 minutes later she started again. I felt like dying, I prayed so hard to keep myself for the right person and never wanted to encounter rape from a guy, God why did this guy come in form a girl?

Abi is it that I didn’t pray about a girly rape also? So many thought in one single head. I encouraged myself in the Lord, stood up and lied down on the floor, I didn’t know what I was doing oooo and I when I stood up, she pretended like she was sleeping…

After 5 mins she woke me up from where I lying and asked why I couldn’t sleep on the bed, I said all my life, I always sleep on the floor even when I was a baby, that was a lie oooo.

She insisted I sleep on the bed and I refused, she fought me and I said okay, I stood up this time around like someone who was ready to kill a mad dog and slept on the bed, 2 minutes later, I felt her hand on my back, I didn’t even let it move upward, I woke in vawulence and told her not to touch me again or else….. She started crying saying, Sarah can’t you see I’ve always loved you and I burn for you, your beauty keeps me burning and don’t want that to stop. If my brain didn’t burst then, then no trailer can smash my head open, my brain was about to come out of my head. I said God, am I dreaming? Even if you want the devil to tempt me, why a lady naw?

I kept quiet for a while and then spoke like a Navy personnel that my brother is and said, I like you too but not in they manner. She said I shouldn’t worry, that she will build a mansion and buy me heaven and earth that I should just say yes and I’ll be a multi millionaire. She was a don though so, I believed her words but I’m not insane naw, I said never !

It won’t happen, they don’t do that in my village, she tried pleading and pushed herself on me with force and wanted to unveil, if you see the kind punch I gave her ehn, I remembered she was trying to stand properly, I wanted to kill her that night she was begging and I was also begging her to come and unveil naw, she didn’t believe I had that kind of beast living in me, I beat her to stupor.

She fought back but I had this strength from above that came upon me, she wanted hit my head on the edge of the bed but I never allowed it until she gave up and I beat her to death. I told her that nobody will sleep again and we were like that till 5:30am nobody sleep, we were staring at each other.

When it was 5:30am, I heard a knock knock on our door, it was one of our people that travelled with us, when she saw her face, she screamed and ran out of my room. My hand was paining me it wasn’t the right time to show it or else, and I’m a left handed person.

That was how that lady went to call others to come and see what has happened to Sis Beatrice face. They were asking her what happened, she couldn’t talk, they asked me, I told them that was how I saw her face this morning maybe they should ask her well so that she can talk.

She didn’t utter a word, they rushed her to the hospital and that was how God rescued me. 😀😀😀😀😀

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