Founder, Eternity Network International (ENI).

Today, we celebrate with you, Sir. You are a gift to our generation. We are grateful to God for preserving your life and your giftings which have been a blessing to all the nations of the earth.

Thank you for surrendering your life to be used by God. Thank you for the insightful teachings which have stirred up godly virtues and ignited the love of God in our hearts, bringing healing, deliverances and directions in the lives of many people all over the world.


We love you and honour your contributions to the Body of Christ.

Today, we pray that you experience a deeper dimension of the anointing upon your life. May Heaven honour you beyond your expectation.

We pray that the Lord will strengthen you and renew your youth like the eagle. May the Lord grant you good health, long life and prosperity. May you receive grace, strength and wisdom for greater impact in Jesus Name, Amen.

Congratulations and God’s abundant blessings.
From all of us at Koinonia Global.


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