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You may need to start thinking about a career choice to explore when you get to the US as a prospective immigrant who plans to stay there for a medium to long period of time. Yes, it is important to remember that, as a foreigner, you will have to work extremely hard than residents or citizens.

It is crucial for a foreigner just starting out to be well-informed about the types of jobs that are accessible to you in the USA. You should be aware that there are numerous employment possibilities, but are you sufficiently knowledgeable about how to secure one for yourself? Which of these employment possibilities pays well enough to support your standard of living when you get there?

This is why you require the advice in this article to assist you in selecting one of the numerous exciting possibilities that best suits your interests and skill set. Yes, when deciding what kind of work to apply for, your interests and skills do matter. Finding work today may be challenging given the market conditions of the US economy. For this reason, it’s essential to receive appropriate guidance from recruiting experts to make sure you pick the best job to start your new career.

All the information you require regarding ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT JOBS will be covered in this specific piece. One of the high-paying employment options available in the US today is storekeeping. In order to help you determine what is essential to you in this ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT job position, our consulting experts have prepared this article. Along with that, we’ll show you how to submit for the position and obtain free VISA sponsorship from reputable recruiting firms. So, take it easy and peruse slowly.

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Who is an Administrative Assistant?

Within a company, administrative assistants are in charge of managing administrative tasks on a daily basis. This position necessitates multitasking across a variety of chores, including scheduling, managing payroll and accounting tasks, receiving and forwarding communications, and conducting more general clerical tasks. In addition to welcoming new customers, administrative officers might be in charge of organizing and arranging events.

What Do you need to be a Successful Administrative Assistant?

Good phone manners and a thorough knowledge of office administration processes are prerequisites for success as an administrative assistant. In the end, a top-performing administrative assistant should be able to show exceptional time management and organizational skills to finish all tasks on schedule.

Job Description

Some top-tier companies in the United States are seeking an excellently organized administrative officer to handle all clerical and administrative tasks required for efficient office administration. The administrative officer will be in charge of greeting guests and clients, supervising the work of the office cleaning crew and maintenance contractors, and typing and proofreading various business documents. Organizing corporate travel, lodging, and flights should also be within your scope.

Job Code:



$40,000 – $50,000

EEE Category:


Job Responsibilities

  • Taking calls, answering questions, and reacting to emails
  • Setting up and overseeing the calendars and schedules of top officers, managers, and employees
  • Providing payroll and personnel databases assistance for the human resources section
  • Makin sure all office equipment is functioning properly and order new supplies and equipment as required.
  • Providing assistance with event planning, including placing orders for supplies and booking conference rooms.
  • Whenever necessary, create reports and memos for managers and senior officials.
  • Attending meetings, taking notes and important details for managers and higher-ranking officials.
  • Providing assistance with employment postings and interviewing for the HR department.
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Job Qualifications and Requirements

  • Minimum of high school diploma. Bachelors degree or higher in courses related to administrative roles is a plus
  • 0-1 experience working as an administrative officer – entry level requirement
  • Adept knowledge in the use of Microsoft Office suite
  • Understanding of or the ability to rapidly comprehend using common office tools like fax machines, modern phone systems, and copy machines
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft excel and spreadsheet
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Ability to multitask


  • Competitive salary
  • Comfortable work environment and space
  • Opportunity to network with high officials

How to Apply

  • Carefully read through the job description and application guideline in this post
  • Follow the application link attached to this post
  • Click on any company of choice that you want to work
  • Read the application requirements of the selected company
  • Click on the apply button
  • Provide all the necessary details. You might be requested to create an account first
  • Submit application
  • Await interview and final selection


Getting the job role of an administrative officer is not an easy one. You must be able to prove to your employers that you are capable and you have the skills they are looking for. We are only providing expert guide and opinion, we cannot make the decision to get you hired. That decision can only be made by the HR of the hiring company. To proceed to applying for this opportunity, use the link below:

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