Movie Review: PROPHET SUDDENLY by The Winlos

A Review of the movie…
by Nmesoma Chidera-Eze

The most things I observed in this movie is that The Winlos were conscious of what Christianity is, regardless of : the sensitivity of the roles and the fact that they are building a career in the movie industry.

Ck, did not fumble with the lady’s body or be verbally flirtatious and vulgar to tell us that he is a player.

The prostitute/demon (miokusheshe) did not show us her breast and thighs to be in character. Yet she killed that role. She in fact appeared more decent than self acclaimed Christians – that are not even acting.

The beat used in the scene at the boutique was not borrowed from a worldly song and smuggled to fit into gospel just to tell us how much fun the Prophet was catching.

Then when the prophet went psycho, he didn’t lay his body in full glare of the audience. He did not even attempt to off the singlet or parade in boxers in front of camera to tell everybody that “hey there, I’m mad”.

The Winlos put Christianity before career – as Jesus designed us to be.
They were not carried away by a quest to entertain you.
They taught the undisputed word of God in the purest form of entertainment. I luuurv it.


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