This is a business which has an opportunity waiting to be tapped. 
Starting the dried and smoked catfish business in Nigeria is indeed a big business with an unimaginable potential as those doing it are making serious money; earning more than what some struggle to make in a month. 
Apart from owning fish ponds in which many has discovered to be like having an automatic cash flowing in from their backyards, dealing on dried and packaged fish has become a serious income generator to those doing it in the right way. It can be sold to either the open market or supplied to the supermarkets and stores.”


With smoked catfish business opportunity in Nigeria, some office workers who got the idea of this income potential are busy today packaging numerous orders for their customers both home and abroad.
 This is as well exported oversea, making quick income in international currencies.
Staring this business is very simple and even than the operating of a fish pond which comes with additional stresses of pond making, getting fingerlings, rearing and feeding them to market size taking at least three months before been sold out for orders in the market.
 Dealing on dried and smoked catfish is a business with wider appeal as all that is required to begin this business is buying, processing, smoke drying, packaged in a branded polythene bag and then released to the public for consumption.

The Following are Required in Starting a Smoked Catfish Business

The first thing that should be done is to get a smoke/drying machine from a good welder. Your choice of its size would determine the price but the assurance is that you can get it locally made if you are just starting out. 
As your business increases, sophisticated machines between N300-N500k can be purchased and the good thing about it is that it is capable of drying good number of fishes quicker in an internationally acceptable way. 
As one who aspires to have expansion in this business, you will NAFDAC’s approval which doesn’t cost much if the normal process is followed in obtaining the permit. To be widely accepted, the above mentioned should be followed unless you would want to operate locally.
Profit Potentials
From the market research, a kilogram of catfish goes for at least N400 and maximally N600. Each cost about N100 for its processing and packaging. 
You can retail to your customers at the rate of N1500 or more. It could as well be taken to the supermarkets and sole at the rate of N800 or N1000 while they sell at the price of their choice. For instance, if all you were able to sell in a month to your customers are just 1,500 packs and each was sold at N1000.
 If that which is sold is multiplied with price per one, you will having a whooping sum of N1,500,000. 
Your cost price which isn’t more than N600 per one should be subtracted form that total amount, the rest will be your profit which is more than that which an average office worker would earn in month.
This business of catfish smoking is lucrative if handled seriously like a local business not to talk of expanding your business beyond the shores of this country. If you have a place-like factory preferably in your compound with a good shade for your machine, then going into the business may not even cost you up to N500,000. 
This cool amount is capable of getting you an ISO machine for the drying and selling of the fishes, a business name with CAC and NAFDAC’s approval. If all of this is put in place, be rest assured that your products would be accepted anywhere in the world.
However, you should not take your goods to the supermarkets with the hopes of receiving your cash immediately. 
Be informed that these ones wouldn’t pay you unless they are sold but if you are able to meet up with the required standards and have it properly garnished, be sure to make your cash quick real time. 
There is a big potential in this catfish business as people abroad are making demands but that of the local market has not yet been met.

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