The Fire of his Glory; – Dr Paul Enenche

Tuesday Healing and deliverance service at Glory Dome
(Ex 24:17)

The glory of the Lord is the devouring fire of the Lord. Deut 5:24

1. The fire that devours sin, compromise, bondage.

2. It is the Fire that devours shame and reproach

3. It is the fire that devours fear đŸ˜¨ of the future and fear of the unknown, psalm 34:4-5.

4. It is the fire that devours sickness, affliction, Mal 4:12

5. It is fire that devours captivity, burns the chains
Matt 3:10,

6. It is the fire that devours the adversary, 2 Kings 1:10, 12,

How to Access the fire of his Glory;

(Ex 15;11)

1. HOLINESS: clearness of conscience, cleanliness of Life.

2. Reverence : Acts of Praise and worship.

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