Zulalakate met with Ruth Elton, The Daughter Of Pa S.G Elton

I Met The Oldest Missionary To Africa Mama Ruth Elton, The Daughter Of Pa S.G Elton Who is based in Ilesa Osun State, Funny Enough she lives a walkable distance from my house (trekable Actually 🙄) Mama never got married, she denied herself U.K Citizenship Just to be a Nigerian Citizen Just for the purpose of Spreading the Gospel in Nigeria (because then in those days it was impossible to get dual citizenship).


She told me about the revivals that happened from the days of Babalola and established Christianity in Nigeria and by the spirit Of God She Paused and adviced me about the future Mummy G.O😭😭😭

Full Video Dropping Tommorow Morning by 10am.

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