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Nkechi is always bittered when she gets to work on a daily basis.

She complains about not having enough time to herself or to care for her growing family.

From Monday to Friday she’s at work trying to fix things to ensure the company grows and meets her performance target.

Her weekends aren’t hers too, she’s either in church or at one function serving in one capacity or the order.

One day she decides to quit her job and become her own boss. She felt becoming her own boss will make life easier and better.

Creating her own system where she’s not accountable to anyone, but herself and hers only.

She’s tired of the everyday routine and desires to build something formidable for herself.

She’s tired of the orders she receives from her superiors and she’s determined to start her business and also give out orders.

After giving it some thoughts and having a critical conversation with her husband she decided to give it a try.

She tendered her resignation letter to her boss, and opted out at the end of that month. Came back home and did some feasibility research and the kind of business she would love to get into.

Few weeks after her resignation, she decided to settle in for an interior decor business, and had a small office where she would receive clients and run the business operations.

Oya na, business has started, Nkechi has started marketing aggressively, submitting proposals to different real estate companies and varied organisations that would need her service.

Few weeks into her marketing, she has closed three clients. She goes on to deliver the job excellently and gets her paycheck.

After a few months in business she had this connection with a real estate consultant that gave her access to newly homeowners in need of interior decorations.

Na so, small Nkechi don become big woman. Nkechi gets so booked that she doesn’t have family time anymore.

She’s so busy making her money, business is good and it’s going well, but Nkechi doesn’t have the FREEDOM that she desires.

The main essence of leaving her job hasn’t been achieved. She wanted to become her own boss and live the lifestyle of freedom.

But Nkechi ends up getting busier than she used to be when she was working her nine to five.

She wanted the entrepreneur lifestyle, but she doesn’t have the entrepreneur’s freedom.

She doesn’t own her business, her business now owns her.

See ehh, if you can’t leave your business and travel for six months and the business still meets performance targets, you don’t own your business, your business owns you.

You’re not an entrepreneur because you have a business name, you’re truly one when you have a system that can run your business with or without you.

True entrepreneurs have dedicated their time to create systems, and those systems in turn run their business smoothly.

I charge you, this new month dedicate your all to creating SYSTEMS that can run your business with or without you.

Thank You

Happy New Month.

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