FIRE IN ZION – Dr Paul Enenche

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By: Dr Paul Enenche

1. Understanding the place of fire in Zion
2. Understanding the assignment of the fire in Zion
3. Understanding how to get at the fire in Zion

1. The Fire in Zion is designed for the consumption of chaff (Luke 3:17)
The chaff is everything that does not belong to reality, it is a distraction to the system and it is everything that is occupying the space it should not occupy.

2. The Fire in Zion is designed to kindle the flames of revival and passion for God (Acts 2:1-4)

3. The Fire in Zion is designed for the judgment of evil and wickedness in lives and in lands (Luke 3:17; 2 Kings 1:10-12)

The Key of desperate and passionate prayer for His fire
There are physical behaviours controlled by spiritual things

Father, every satanic limitation is terminated from my life. I step into my liberty by the Body and Blood of Christ, Oh Lord in Jesus Name.

Every altar fighting my life and destiny, today is your end, catch FIRE in Jesus Name.

Father, today I receive my freedom from every altar fighting my life and manipulating my destiny, Oh you altar catch fire, NOW!

In the Name of Jesus, every chain and yoke from hell that has tied down my destiny BREAK!

Father, set this your child free from every yoke and bondage; Father set them free NOW!

Father, break the yokes, addictions and chains in the lives of the people NOW!

Every altar fighting my life and destiny, catch FIRE!

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I reject every altar fighting my life; altar of premature death, disease and disaster; every altar from my father’s house fighting my life, in the Name of Jesus, catch FIRE, NOW!

Father, today I receive my portion from Your Hands, Lord in Jesus’ Name.

– What killed your father, mother and family members cannot kill you
– Every ancestral, generational and family curse is broken right now
– Something that is tied in your life is broken today
– Everything you came here with that was a burden to you, today that burden is over
– Jehovah God shall intervene in your family, life and destiny
– Every embargo on your life and family; anyone who said you should not get married or settled, that embargo is lifted
– Any behaviour that is not normal, that behaviour is broken
– There shall be no loss
– Every spirit of death looking for you and your loved ones is arrested
– Anyone trusting God for the fruit of the womb, that reproach of barrenness is over and you shall receive your children
– Anything that came here with you that is not of God is leaving now
– Any satanic affliction that followed you here, shall not follow you home in the Name of Jesus
– Everyone who is bound by unclean spirits that will not let you go or rest today that chain is broken
– Every cage where the devil has kept you or your family members, I declare the cage broken right now
– Every prison where the enemy put you, every cage where the enemy kept you and your family, I take authority over every witchcraft, ancestral and serpentine altar; catch FIRE! break your HOLD, break your GRIP!
– Every young man or woman that is up to the age of marriage battling with anti-marital altars, the yoke is broken
– I take authority over the spirit of reproach and anti-marital spell; empty handedness, rise and crash; they are arrested now
– Every spell of starting without finishing, every yoke of abandoned project I declare it is broken
– Everyone that is a victim of rejection, I declare that rejection devil is gone
– Restoration is coming for someone; anyone that went up and the devil crashed you down, I decree restoration
– Every arrow of death in your body; arrow of HIV, hepatitis and cancer, GO! Fulfil your days and every coffin they have prepared for anyone it is destroyed and you are free
– Every covenant you are into that you are not aware of, today it is broken
– Every altar that says your life and destiny should not work is broken now
– Anything they told you in the dream that is wrong, today it is cancelled; anything they showed you in the dream that is not correct today it is cancelled!

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