How to easily get a Loan from Fairmoney

Have you been in an urgent need for money before? Have you been looking for where to get loan easily with a fair interest rate? If yes then this write-up is for you.
Fairmoney is a Nigerian-french leading financial technology company that is approved to give soft loans to Nigerians, their service is so fast and they give good amount of loan.  The company also has gained positive feedback from their thousands of customers out there, they offer the loan via their mobile app, and their interest rates are very flexible and easy to work with.
You can download the app from playstore and set up your account, signing up is not difficult, as you can do so with your facebook account.
Requirements for accessing fairmoney loan
1. You need your personal details like name, email address, phone number, bvn.
2. Bank account details, your Atm card details (this will be required for you to repay the loan), Your employment status or Business venture, your monthly income rate, your marital status.
3. A photo of you might be required, all these are to guarantee trust before the loan can be released.
4. Then, you will need to install the app on your phone.
How to get a loan from fairmoney 
1. Download the app
The app can be downloaded from playstore, download and install it on your phone.
2. Sign up your profile
After downloading, the next thing to do is to sign up with your details. Fairmoney has made it easier by providing option to sign up with your Facebook account
3. Answer some questions
They will ask you some questions to confirm if you are eligible for the loan or not, the app will check for your credit score to determine if you are qualify to take the loan, also note that they will start you on a small amount of money. As you stay faithful in repayment of your loan you become eligible for higher amount of money, fairmoney only gives large amount of loan to their faithful customers. After answering the questions, they will give you a loan that you are eligible for, don’t say it is too small, accept it and be faithful to pay on time in order to qualify for larger amount
4. Receive your loan
After accepting the loan offer, you will be credited I’m few minutes, but you must enable your ATM card first before you can be able to receive your loan, because your loan repayment will happen via your card.
How much can fairmoney give me?
Fairmoney can give you  between #1500 to #5000,000 Loan, it all depends on your credit score and your ability to repay your loan on time, so as to maintain a good credit score. Paying on time, gives you the access to larger loan offers, the pay back time is between 3 weeks to 2 years depending on the amount borrowed and the duration you choose for repayment
What is fairmoney interest rate?
Their interest rate varies from 2% to 28% and some times 30% for higher loan but with longer time duration for repayment. If the money is borrowed for a productive purpose, it makes it easier for you to repay.
Repayment of your loan
This is where your ATM card details is needed, you are to pay back from your bank account, so they will debit you using your ATM details. Ensure you have money in the account you drop, and incase it’s not going you can check the app for an account where you will transfer to. Please be careful not to fall into the hands of scammers who come in the name of fairmoney. All you need is on the app, not from an external person coming with the name of Fairmoney.  It will be good for you to take a screenshot of the transfers you made, contact the customer care service afterwards to notify them of the payment
Fairmoney head office/customer care service 
For now, fairmoney does not offer any service from their office, all they do is online via their mobile app, they can also call you via their customer agent service, you can reach them via
I wish you best of luck, I hope this article helps you in getting loan from fairmoney.

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