Apostle Michael Orokpo ministry ‘Encounter Jesus is moving so fast!

Someone wrote:
At this point I think EFCC need to call Apostle Orokpo Michael for questioning becaaaaaauuuuuuuuussssssssssssee?🤣 Oga where una dey see this money from ?

It’s just purely amazing how God provides for his work. Encounter Jesus ministry is running school outreaches in the city of Abuja, they have foot soldiers going out for one on one evangelism, they are doing one form of medical outreaches every now and then, the church is about building it own place of worship after one year in the city, they wanted to build a 7500 sitting capacity but currently building a temporary 2000 sitting capacity and yet they go out for high powered gospel campaign in different states. Every of the aforementioned events cost millions of naira, yet they were never stranded for lack of fund, in this time and season when there’s economic melt down every where????

God bless the partners and those stand to see the work of God prosper.

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