Break up my fallow ground oh Lord!

DAY 21


Pastor Lawrence Alake
Topic: Break up my fallow ground oh Lord!

Sub-topic: Serving God in deception?
Text: (2 Timothy 2:19) (Acts 5:1-11)

The way you serve God determines what you get from him.
If you want to break your fallow ground, be careful how you serve God this year, don’t give room for deception serve him with a sincere heart (John 4:24)

What is Deception:
i) it’s means the spirit of lie, pretense and false living.
ii) It’s also means the spirit of Insincerity.

Ways in which we serve God in deception:
i) Coming to church very late.
ii) Lack of commitment to God’s project.

When you serve God in deception:
i) You’re cutting your days short.

ii) You’re cutting your blessings.

iii) Every good things God has prepared for you will not come to pass.

iv) You’re inviting the wrath of God in your life.

v) The grace of God will depart from you.

vi) The Heavens will abandon you.

Blessings that follows when you serve God with a sincere heart:
i) Peace of mind on every side.

ii) You shall be satisfied even in times of famine

iii) Fruitfulness and multiplication will be your portion.

iv) The Lord will establish his covenant with you
(Leviticus 26:1-12)

God has come with greatness and blessings, and it’s only people that serves him sincerely, he will give it to, not those who serve him in deception.

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