Best Adsterra ads format with High CPM

Let’s talk about Adsterra and the best ads format with high CPM.

I can say Adsterra is the best alternative to Adsense since they offer different ads format. The Picture below Is my Adsterra dashboard after testing all their ads format and how they work I will list the best.

If your niche is something that’s not music, news or entertainment, you can use 350 by 250 and 729 by 30 ads format. This ads format comes with cpm from $0.1 to $9 the highest they have offered me. You can place the ads well on your header and inside your content it converts well. Contact Adsterra to enable all type of ads for the banners.

But if your niche is news, entertainment and music you can use direct link and pop under. Adsterra always gives me from $3 to $20 cpm for this Ads format of which with 10k page views you could generate over $200 daily. You might not get this cpm at first when you try using them with time it will increase.

If you fall under this niche ( music, entertainment or news) don’t let anyone deceive you that it chase visitors away or it affect SEO, no it doesn’t.

Those following my status on Facebook saw screenshots on how my blog is doing well on SERP. I don’t offer any course if you are finding it hard on how to set up direct link you can chat me up I don’t charge a dime. You can also drop questions on the comment section. Thanks!

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