Everything you have said you see, if I am your man of God or you even believe in me, they will see it in you this year! Thou hast well seen, may God bring it to pass this year! So shall it be.

This angel will repair whatever is wrong in your body. John 5:1-10. This angel is coming to repair. Picture your motor car, picture your vehicle. When you take your vehicle to the motor mechanic, you will still bring back the vehicle home but he has repaired the problem in the vehicle.

Somebody say restore! This angel is coming to restore what the enemy stole from you. John 10:10. To restore is to return what the enemy stole from you. Jeremiah 30:17. I don’t know what they stole from your body, God will restore!
You shall be made whole! He was made whole. Isaiah 42:22
Put your two hands in your head. May God restore health to you. I stand in my office as an agent of restoration, I declare restoration unto everyone who needs restoration!
So if there’s somebody to say Restore, there must be restoration.
Now I declare over you: May the angel restore you back!

This angel is coming to release you from every bondage, every cage that the enemy kept you. Luke 13:16. Luke 23:16-20
I don’t know how long they have kept you in that cage, today I declare you are loosed!
I don’t know what had happened to your body, maybe you are being chastised, being punished, being disciplined. From today, move from the season of chastising to the season of release. I release you now!
May you be that one God must release today!

But they made a mistake, they said leave Jesus, release Barabbas. Luke 22:18-21
I don’t know who is the person in your family you want God to release, today God will release one for you!
Whoever is that person, that bondage, there shall be release for that person!

Lift up your voice to heaven, release this person, release this man, release this woman, release this boy, release this girl. Cry to God where you are seated!
So shall it be.
And then whoever is speaking against your release, may they expire today.

Matthew 15:30. This angel will recreate a new one. He does not only heal the blind, he creates new eyeballs.
One time a great man of God called, Everyone that is blind, come out. Many people came out that they were blind. They have eyes but can’t see. Some their eyes were closed. This person came out, his eyes were empty. No opening , no ball. Just flat. Just like a normal flesh. So you have to first of all cut it, recreate it, do surgery, put everything.
Then the pastor said, I didn’t call for those who don’t have eyeball. I said those who are blind. You must have eyeball first. He was signaling them to tell the person to go. Then the person with him said, If he has faith to come out, just pray your prayer. Your own is not to heal, it’s to pray.
The man of God said if I pray, which eye will God open? There’s no eye there!
For the first time he saw that one of his associates was having faith more than him the pastor.
Faith came upon him, he said God you don’t only heal the blind. You also create eye for those who don’t have. As he made the prayer, there was a creative miracle on the spot, the angel created the eyeball, created everything. Gave him brand new eyes!

So, God does not only heal the blind, he also creates new eyeballs.
Luke 5:1-6. Peter went for fishing, toiled all night he couldn’t catch fish. 

The same river, the same net, the same boat, the same Peter, Jesus came and said, Put your net inside the river and he satatted catching fish.

Where did those fish come from? Did Jesus carry fish and put inside the same river, the same water? Or did rain fall that you will say it came with the rain?

The same day, the same moment, but you know what, every time you speak the word, you are creating something!
I speak the word into your life, I create your miracle for you today!


This angel will ensure you recover from the sickness and disease troubling your body. Jeremiah 8:22. To recover! You will recover, you will be made whole, you will be complete!

Put your two hands on your head. May you recover from every sickness disturbing you! Somebody shout I shall recover 3 times. 2 Kings 8:8.

I came to tell you, you will recover!

The angel is coming to give you remedy. This angelnis coming to ensure that there’s is a remedy to the situation. This danger is sent to ensure that whether you take drug, it must work. Every prescription must produce. Every treatment must work out.

At this point, you need to know doctors are not devils, doctors are not demons. God is the one that gives doctors the knowledge that they use.

But sometimes the devil can be so smart and so stupid and so foolish at the same time, he will ensure everything is not working according to prescription. You will take panadol for headache, headache will increase. You will take Artesunate, Coartem, take it for malaria, malaria will double.

I’m Why? The drugs are not working according to prescription but today, there shall be remedy for you.
2 Chronicles 36:15,16.
Look out how some people function in the church. Most people in church, this is their problem.

They mock the messengers of God. They don’t have any pastor they respect. And despise the word. Leave Papa, na today we dey hear that kind thing? 

And they misuse His prophet. Daddy when you dey come, bring that basket.

Any church where they don’t value their man of God, they will suffer like this.
But every one that believes in this grace, whatever wants to disgrace you, may God remedy it now!

So this angel is coming to remedy every situation. These are the 9 packages on the wings of the angel coming with your healing. That’s why we call it Activating the Healing Angels.

At this point even if there is anything dead in your body, they will resurrect. 

Even if the enemy finally kill any part of your body it shall resurrect. 2 Kings 8:1,2.

This year, they will use your testimony to praise God. May they use your testimony to praise God.
They will use your marriage to praise God.
They will use your business to praise God.

So any part of your body that is dead, will come alive. Sometimes you are not physically dead but your kidney is dead, liver is dead, womb dead, organ dead, heart dead. 

Somebody called me last week, Pray for me, they discovered that my heart has a hole. I have a hole in my heart.

And he said, Anytime I miss my medication for a day, I can’t survive. Help me, help me.
As he was talking, he was coughing. I said, What happened, what is it?

He said, They said it’s this cough I have been coughing all the days of my life.
that has created a whole in my heart. The thing became too strong for my heart to carry! All my chest region is gone.

So certain parts of the body can be dead, but I pray for you today. The angel that resurrects whatever may appear dead, resurrect it now!

I’m not the one that will do it. No Pastor can do it! Romans 8:11.
To quicken is to give life!

Which one of them do you want inside this 9? As I mention them, pick the one you want and say I receive it by fire!

Stand to your feet!

Bishop Wisdom Irabor on ACTIVATING THE HEALING ANGEL at the Divine Immunization and Health Insurance Service Answers Assembly, Warri 8th January, 2023 First SERVICE.


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