Reasons why you must fellowship with brethren in Church

If you don’t always go to church or any Christian gathering, I doubt if you know what you’re missing.

Let me tell you one of the advantages of being physically present in a Christian gathering.

When the children of God gather together, each one comes with the reality of his or her secret place.

Everyone comes with the reality of their secret relationship with God.

So, our coming together form a better spiritual atmosphere.

More possibilities are created.

You have been struggling to pray all by yourself but you came to church and boom! Prayer power.

In that atmosphere, more possibilities are opened.

You have been asking to know something from God for a long time but you came to church, in the middle of prayers and boom! God speaks to you.

You were in a Christian gathering and while the worship was on, your lukewarmness suddenly disappears.

You begin to feel a deep hunger for God.

You suddenly begin to cry; you became so broken.

God has given you an instruction for a while but you’ve been struggling to obey.

Suddenly you come to church and found grace to do.

Oh! What privilege you lose if you don’t understand what the church stands for.

Go to church.

For better understanding on this subject, watch my YouTube video here 

Streaming online is not bad but please go to church.

No matter how civilized we become, online streaming cannot replace being physically present in a gathering of believers.

Go to church.

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