I was returning from a meeting late last year, it was difficult getting a cab to Ikorodu at that time of the night.

Eventually, a man agreed to drive me down, I had few calls while on transit then the driver initiated a conversation.

I rarely talk expressively except I am with a person I love dearly, but something caught attention as he spoke with me.

He had seen it all, he was a pastor, a travelling healing evangelist, he gave up all and became what he was doing that day.

I was surprised as he questioned why I was praying in the name of Jesus.

I listened patiently then asked him why he left it all, hearing his story emotions almost captured me but the Lord helped me.

He was betrayed by his parent church, the people he loved and also saw Christianity as unreal because he encountered a storm that took everything away from him.

While in the holdup at Mile 12, the spirit lighted my spirit and I began to talk under his influence.

I told him I sensed the leap of heavy healing anointing while I was negotiating with him.

I knew it whenever am in contact with anyone who carries it.

He looked at me, then he told me how he had ministered healing to people for more than 18yrs.

By the time we got to Ogolonto a few metre to my darling Ibeshe land, the Holyghost had captured his heart.

I discovered the impact of love from close corners when a man’s faith is under attack.

I saw how the devil made him see evil about everyone and everything.

The manipulations were specially orchestrated while those who should come around him thought he was matured enough since he was heavily anointed.

He had the oil but not the horn.

Like I have learnt from my father and mentor I linked him with the closest preacher I trust in his environment.

Long story short Jesus had restored him back to the faith, he was a joy to watch as he returned to the field yesterday preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus.

Now, he knows no one loves him more than Jesus and if everyone fails him, Jesus won’t.

It’s high time we be our brothers keeper, when you sense a brother is going haywire do all on your knees and on your feet to get him on his knee before Jesus.

No one gains anything when a genuine soldier backslide or fall in the field.

I didn’t know the flight delay, bad weather, price hike by airport shuttle and insults from one of them were all to get a dear brother restored.

When you walk in faith, you walk in love.

It’s good to be back with things I learnt along the way😊.

AT Joel.

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