BLOGGING VS YOUTUBE: Which one is better ?

People ask me whether to stop blogging and shift into YouTube or shift from YouTube into blogging. This is my opinion on how Blogging and YouTube differs. Make your decisions from my experience in these two industry!

So, I started my first blog in 2019. To be sincere, it wasn’t easy at all when I first started. To go straight to the point, blogging is not for the weak! You must work extra hard to reach where your blog wants to be. Yes, Blogging takes time to cash out bigger (When not doing arbitrage).

I started YouTube this year and I was able to reach over $100 threshold within same month. That was my first channel. But that does not mean that YouTube is better than blogging.

Understand this for me. You, see? YouTube has it own traffic. They give you free channel and free host to upload your videos without paying anything. That is, taking it seriously and making extensive keyword research and becoming active will definetly gain your visibility on YouTube.

But trust me. You are not the owner of the Channel! YouTube don’t give a F**ck about who you are and what you do for them. When you violate, they will take you down! Guess what? They own it and you are on their platform. You will be kicked out at any time when you violate. But another thing is that, YouTube always want fresh content so, if you take it seriously, your new content will always do well (From experience).

On the other hand, Blogging is really hard when you are a newbie. Knowing nothing. Your website is now going to fight for the rank and this takes time to reach there. It took me 3 months to reach the $100 when I started my first blog. But when your blog stands, you will keep cashing out. With blogging, you feel to be in control of it. Unless when your domain is been reported to be taking down and this happens once in a blue moon.

The other thing which becomes disadvantage is the Google update. My serious blog use to reach 1k per day but now, as I am speaking to you, I hardly get 500 visitors. I target organic traffic only (It will rise again don’t worry). One interesting thing I like about blogging is that when your website gets demonetized, you can reaply with different ad company!

If your channel gets demonetized unless you try other ways like affiliate marketing (This is not easy for fresh channel).

Now, make your own decisions. It is easy to go viral and monetize the channel. Reaching the requirements on YouTube is not hard but you are literally not the owner of the channel (50/50). You will be taken down if you keep violating.

On the other hand, Blogging is stressful because you are going to fight for traffic. But when the website stands for u, you will keep on cashing out from your website. You feel safe in blogging because you own it and you can choose to do anything you want with it (Pro host).

The choice is yours to decide blogging or Vlogging. Or, you can combine them just like mine. But it all depends on how determined you are. Giving up will literally gain you nothing!

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