Leke Adeboye Welcomes Fourth Child With His Wife (Photos)

Leke, son of the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, has welcomed his fourth child with his wife, Titilope, Centralmedia.com.ng blog report.

On Wednesday, he took to his Instagram handle to announce the news and share some maternity shoots he had with his wife.

He captioned the photos,

“Thank you JESUS. For all, 40 Special, TRA. 8Seeds. I’m done.”


Reminds me of a certain Sister and brother in the Lord in Lagos.

The woman had some problem with her womb . About 18 Medical Experts, (Nigerians and Foreigners )tried to salvage the situation but to no Avail. Her womb had to be removed to save her life. Medically and scientifically speaking , there was no Hope to ever conceive.

But Something Happened!
She happened to get an invite to one of the crusades of the Lord’s Chosen in Lagos. In the course of Prayer, through the word of knowledge the Servant of GOD, Pst Lazarus Muoka Mentioned her Matter. In his words
” That woman there with no womb! In the Name of JESUS, receive a new womb “! HOLYGHOST Locate the person I am talking about” give her a new womb!

In the words of the woman what she heard in her body was a noise and she fell where she was.

Service finished and everyone went home. Like play like play, the woman whose womb was removed took in.

Today! That same whose woman whose womb was removed and shown to her has about 5 to 6 Children, I am not too sure.

The Husband became afraid and asked her to go back to the Pastor and tell him to Close your womb ! I do not want again. Any small touch , the woman carry belly straight.
The Medical experts could not Believe their eyes. Neither could they give any explanation. Only GOD could Have done this.

Another man, similar situation. They were Barren for many yrs. He is a Senior pastor of his church.
He visited the Lord’s Chosen and the yoke was shattered.
The Funny thing about his own was that He came back with what he called ” Peace Offering” ! He said he came to beg the Servant of GOD to tell His GOD that he does not want Children again.
The wife who was Barren began to give birth almost every year. He has about 6 kids now.

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