5 Facts about Hyla Rabbit Breed you should Know


There as been great development over the years in the Agricultural industry, the scientific research to come up with fast growing hybrid vigor animals and plants, that enhances production of food for humanity, as cut across every aspect of agriculture, and animal husbandry as not been an exception.

As human population increases, there is an ever increase demand to meet the need for food, and especially animal protein.

The Rabbit industry as always been known since 90s for meat production, considering the fact that, rabbit doesn’t take a long time to mature, and their gestation period is one of the shortest among mammals (30days).

There is a new breed of rabbit that is taking the interest of rabbit farmer for some years now, and that is the HYLA RABBIT, you may not see it on the American rabbit breeders association lists of rabbit breeds, because Hyla is not a full breed, it is a cross breed or what we call “HYBRID” which was developed by experts at Eurolap in France.

France is the largest producer of rabbit meat in the world, while china is the largest consumer, Hyla is the rabbit use for commercial meat production in France.

Hyla came from genetic modification of artificial insemination of New zealand white and California White rabbit, the result is what gave birth to Hyla Rabbit, an truth me, I have been breeding Hylas for the past 5years now, apart from the normal breeds, i raised about 15years ago, there difference is clear.

I want to give you 5 facts about Hyla Rabbit today and the reason why i love to breed them;

  1. They are Fast Growing: This is the normal one edge and advantage Hylas have, they grow much faster than other breeds, at 6 weeks, you can have 1.3kg weight, right from when they are with their mother, you can see the growth rate is very fast, if you are into breeding for meat or for parent stocks, hyla makes the process fast, as they gain good weight within a short period of time, their feed to meat conversion ratio is high, and that is why we refer to them as BROILER RABBIT, just like we have the broiler chicken that tend to grow faster than the other ones.
  2. Hylas give birth to Large litters : Among all the rabbit breeds I have had, hyla seems to give me the largest number of kits per birth, i mean it is quiet consistent with them, infact, the first time i will have 15babies from one rabbit, it was an hyla breed, i was astonished, it was so impressive and the mother took good care of them.
    Remember, i told you, they have been genetically modified, so they are better off the other ones in terms of their productive ability. So this makes your rabbit farm to multiply faster and it guarantee a better return on your investment.
  3. They are Healthy and Agile : Under normal circumstances, provided they are well fed, on good feeding system and nutrition, a good and clean house, with good ventilation, hylas rarely fall sick, they are healthy and disease resistance.
    As a farmer, i have all the drugs and injection needed for the rabbit but i do not use it except when there is a need to do so, apart from deworming them, their is almost no need to worry about their health, as they do not fall sick.
  4. They can be used to improve other breeds: This is so true, especially, if you want to produce meat rabbit, you can cross hyla with other breeds like new Zealand white, American chinchilla, dutch, english spotted, cinnamon and others, they will give you offspring’s of various colors, either of both parents or broken pattern from the two, but the growth rate will be high with this, you can get 2.2 or 2.5kg in 3months, I have hylas that reach 4kg and even 5kg in 6month, that’s a huge weight there for rabbit, it makes them a great pet for the farm and a great meat for consumption or commercial purpose.

5 Finally, the last reason i love hylas is that, they are so cute and beautiful, i know we have the colored hylas too, that attain great weight like the white, but the most common and sort after hyla breed is the white colored ones.
You can see the pictures below;


So that’s it, I hope you have learn one of two things about the hyla rabbit today?
If you have questions, you can drop them below, and also if you want to get new sets of quality hyla rabbit breed, you can chat or call me on 07066784204.

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