Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG September Holy Ghost Service. God Bless You




Pastor E. A. Adeboye at RCCG September Holy Ghost Service. God Bless You (Part 8)
‘You Shall Be Fruitful’

– The Lord said there is someone listening to me, the sweetest moment of your life is near.

Consider John the Baptist the son of Zachariah and Elizabeth in Matthew 11:11, the Lord Jesus Christ said of all men born of women, there has not been any greater than John the Baptist in other words, up to his own time he was the greatest of all.

Your children will not be ordinary, they will be great and among those of us here, there is going to come a child that will be the greatest.

As I have told you before, if we summarize all the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, it will come to nothing goes for nothing. Salvation is free because somebody paid for it with His life, healing is free because by His stripes you are healed. Deliverance is free because someone went to hell to yank the keys of death and hell from Satan, somebody paid for those. He said you give you shall be given, you sow you shall reap, something goes for something. When I look at all these people in the Scriptures who had these mighty breakthroughs,

– Daddy says I gave Peter a miracle that he needed help to handle, He says I will do the same for you.
(If you are expecting a child and God gives you three, I am sure you will need help for that)
I remember a woman who was the first to have four children in the Convention, she needed help because she was getting ready for one and four came.
If He gives you more than one, He will provide the help.

All those who had these mighty breakthroughs had something in common.
1. Abraham, Genesis 18:1-14, Abraham was sitting in front of his tenet and he saw people he thought were men going and somehow he said these men are not ordinary and they stopped in front of his tent, he ran to meet them and said you can’t go, I know you are traveling, come to my house, let me wash your feet and give you food to eat. After they had eaten, God said where is Sarah thy wife? I learned a big lesson from Abraham, he said I will not sit on the fence, there are many of us who are bench warmers in the house of God, Abraham didn’t wait for them to say please can you give us water to drink? He ran, he volunteered service.

2. Manoah, the Father of Samson, Judges 13:1-20, the Angel came, told the wife you are going to have a child, the wife told the husband, the husband said let us pray that the Angel will come back, the Angel came back repeated the message and Manoah said, you can’t go without food, we must entertain you, we must contribute something to you. You are expecting a major breakthrough from God and you are in the Church idle? Nothing goes for nothing, you can become a worker, join the choir, ushering, evangelism team.

3. The Shunammite Woman, 2 Kings 4:8-17, she saw Elisha passing by and said Man of God, come to my house and eat. The Man of God said who told you I am hungry? The Lord is my provider. The Bible said the woman compelled him, she contributed. The Man of God kept coming back and she kept feeding him. She moved further and built a house for the Man of God. The Man of God said wait a minute, this woman that has been taking care of me all these days, what can I do in return? Get involved to the best of your ability. If the pastor says there is nothing you can do, force yourself on him, tell him there is something you can do.

3. Hannah, 1 Samuel 1:9-20, when Hannah said, God give me a child and I will give him back to you, do you know what she was saying? She was saying God answer my prayer and all I can ever be is yours. All I am, all I can ever become is yours, I submit to you completely.

4. Zachariah and Elizabeth, Luke 1:5-25, the Bible says the two of them were blameless, not a single trace of sin in their lives.
The husband didn’t say I have no child there is no need to serve God. The Angel met him when he was busy for God. If God is to pay you a visit, will He find you busy for Him?

Leaving aside the issue of the fruit of the womb, many of us want to have other forms of breakthrough.
If you have been working for years and there is nothing to show for it, that is a form of barrenness. No promotion for years is a form of barrenness.
Mentally speaking if you are not producing the kind of results you are supposed to produce, it is a form of barrenness.
If you are a student, you study very hard and when the exam comes you forget everything you have learned, it is a form of barrenness, barrenness is ending tonight in Jesus name.

What are you doing for God, what is your contribution to His Kingdom?

We cannot continue in sin and expect grace to abound, the Word of God says God forbid, Romans 6:1-2
You have to forsake your evil ways for the Almighty God to grant your request.

If you know you are still harboring sin it is time to forsake your sins and the Almighty God will show up for you, come to the Altar of God and cry to Him for salvation. Ask Him to save your soul, forgive your sin, He will answer you and then I will pray for your salvation. The choice is yours, you cannot continue in sin and expect grace to abound, God forbid.

Cry to the Lord, ask Him to be merciful unto you, promise Him that from now you will serve Him, ask Him for a new beginning and let the rest of us pray for our new brothers and sisters, intercede for them that the One who saved our souls will save their souls also.


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