Apostle Joshua Selman at Koinonia on the Lifting Power of True Humility.

Father we declare that we love You. We declare that we honour You, we declare that we need You. Tonight we have come to learn, we have come to grow; we have come to encounter Your grace, Your love, Your power, Your wisdom, Your light.

Grant us the illumination. Grant us grace. We have come with hearts opened, we have come with meek hearts to receive. Lord we pray that Your word will come with such prevailing power. Let it transform us tonight in the name of Jesus.

Lord we pray that whilst Your word comes, let the sick be healed. Let the oppressed be delivered.

Let every yoke and every captivity bow to the name of Jesus Christ and everything that had impeded your liberty in Christ, I pray that it will bow to the name of Jesus tonight. In the matchless name of Jesus Christ.

Good Evening Everybody, God bless you. Please be seated. Just turn to someone by your left and right and just give them warm greetings from the Throne room through your life to their destines, in the name of Jesus.

I want to start tonight by appreciating everyone and then appreciating our Global family for the wonderful things that we do week in, week out. It is on account of this coordinated efforts that many are able to hear and to receive.

It’s one thing to teach truth but then the means to take it to those who need it must be there, must be put in place for them to receive and we really want to celebrate our workforce. We celebrate everyone who is part of this vision. Thank you in the name of Jesus Christ.

The second function quickly before we get to the Word, I have to say this; this is the best platform to be able to present this.

Now, I have been overwhelmed and also humbled truly by the amount of people within this Country and around the globe who are asking if the ministry is embarking on any project and if there’s any account, you know, to just sow.

We’ve not announced any major project as a ministry but it is very humbling how God has stirred the hearts of people and I mean consistently people continue to ask how do we send this and so, I just thought to respond; now as a ministry, we are people of integrity and we fear the Lord.

If there is no project on ground that necessitates the body of Christ and our Global family coming in to stand by us and with us in partnership, we are not going to bother anybody at all.
Praise the name of the Lord.

By God’s grace, soon we will begin the various ministry projects.

Remember we are just starting, so we need some time to stabilize, focus on doctrine before we now begin to look out. So I’m saying this especially to our international family, our international community; please just be patient, keep your ears open, follow our social media platforms.

By God’s grace when we are set with everything, there will be a dedicated account for Koinonia Project.

I will announce it myself so that the whole world will know that these are the channels for any partnerships that will come from around the world and then I’m also saying this so that we manage the war now that we’ve been fighting for years.

We have all kinds of scammers who will cash in on the sincerity of people like this and now begin to come up with all kinds of things.

So I saying it right now, there is only one Joshua Selman account and one Koinonia account.

One bank, one account number globally that we have released for any seeds, any giving at all; whether it is a seed to my life or it is a seed to the ministry, it doesn’t matter.

Any other person bringing any other account and lying with all kinds of projects, whether it’s a charitable project, building project and whatever it is, please I’m saying it in the open, they are scammers, they are fraudsters.

We are people if integrity and all those asking you purporting to be Joshua Selman, that you send in some money for prophecy are not me.

The fact that they have the time to attend to you is a sign that they are liars and I can assure you that our security operatives are working in partnership with the media.

We are in the 21st century and we are intelligent people, we are not just spiritual people, we will not fail to deploy as God grants us grace all of the security measures to make sure that we continue to defend the integrity of the Gospel that we have communicated so far.

This is a caution. Please be patient, I know that there are many… I receive reports how that there are people sometimes who come around and say the Lord sent me to sow for Koinonia land, Koinonia building, just be patient.

By the grace of God, I can assure you that when it is time, we’re going to give everybody an opportunity to be part of what God is doing.

But for now, any other seed that God puts in your heart, you can always do that, the account details are there but please don’t fall prey to any project that is out of what we are doing right now.

The project we are on now is the project of encounters, transformation, healing, deliverance and changing lives. So if someone calls you and says healing is going on, believe them.

Transformation is going on, believe them. Fire is falling, believe them. Souls are being saved, believe them.

Some charities somewhere, they are scammers immediately. Are we together?

Father, continue to protect Your name, continue to grant us the grace and the Wisdom to see that Jesus remains lifted and we pray that You’ll touch the hearts of some of these people.

We believe that for many of them intrinsically they are sincere people who may have been frustrated, we pray that you bring them to the saving knowledge of Jesus, in Jesus name I pray.
Amen and amen. Hallelujah!

Are you ready for the Word tonight?

I love the Word of God because it transforms, it can change, it can bring illumination, it can empower, it can bless, it can lift. It gives you wisdom in Jesus’ name.

Let me start tonight by sharing two or three thoughts that were burning in my heart while I was preparing the message for this night. I was contemplating on a number of things and I just thought because God has granted us the honour and the privilege of having a quite significant participation during our services, I thought it was a good platform to just share this one or two contemplations and then they lead us into the teaching tonight.

So please pay attention.

Number one, I wrote here that one of the greatest needs in the body of Christ today and in the society at large is discipleship.

One of the greatest needs in the body of Christ today and by extension in society is the need for discipleship.

What is discipleship – Methodical mentorship that leads people to become Christ-like and to become responsible. The Lord began to burn in my heart again, the need to drum this that one of the major needs in the body of Christ today is discipleship.

You see, when new converts or those who just get born again, if and when they are not discipled eventually the gaps in their spiritual understanding and the fact that the flesh is so alive will make them easy preys for the devil to come into partnership with their unrenewed minds and cause a lot of trouble, first in the body of Christ and then by extension in society. Are we together?
Thi s is very important.

When new converts are not discipled, they will eventually become problems first to the Church and then to the larger community.

Let me tell you this, every national problem was first a regional problem that was not managed properly. Every regional problem was once upon a time a family problem that was not managed effectively and every family problem was once an individual problem. You see how nations are destroyed.

So an individual who is not discipled creates trouble in a family that is not discipled, creates trouble in a society or a region that is not discipled, eventually that individual will constitute a nuisance to not only family, not only society but to the nation and even to the continent at large.

Most of the people today that troubles civilization trouble the peace and tranquility of territories, all of them come from homes and they did not just evolve into troublemakers of all kinds.

Individuals when they are saved and their understanding is not so constructed, especially for believers, they may have given their lives to Christ but we know that just giving your life to Christ is an entry into the Kingdom

Imagine for instance that a woman gives birth to a baby and throws the baby down, most often than not, that child will most likely be a hooligan or will be a troublemaker eventually. Why, because the opportunity to have proper parenting upbringing is not there.

You can solve the problem of a nation very easily if you understand the dynamics of how problems are created.

They first start at an individual level, then if left unchecked and not dealt with, they graduate into problems in families, then from families when those individuals are now sent from families, they become troubles to society, communities and to regions and if left unchecked they will rise to become national people who multiply the same problem and these are the kinds of conditions that demon spirits look for.

They look for individuals with no platform for discipleship.

They look for families with no codes of conduct, no modus operandi, anything just happens. They look for territories that are lawless. They look for nations with no law. This is how people are destroyed.

So at the heart of transformation is discipleship, that is it. If we want to change this nation, we want to change Africa, we must obtain grace and wisdom from God to get back into the subject of methodical mentorship – discipleship at least for a start, we can start with younger believers.

This has been a mistake that most people have made, respectfully speaking especially those in the mission field.

We focus so much about soul winning, missions and that is wonderful but there is no system to manage these people when they are saved.

At best we just tell them, go to this Church and when they get to the Church, if the Church does not have a structure, a teaching priest to help those people, they are in trouble because when those people sit there, the flesh will wants to find expression and because there is no system to keep dealing with it, I tell you eventually you are going to see all shades of trouble.

This is not my sermon, this is a burden. Let me just off load that one then we get to the sermon for tonight.

Discipleship therefore is the foundation for true and lasting transformation in individuals, families, institutions and nations.

We must restore the system of discipleship.

My second thought, are you ready for the second one?

To be uninformed, I wrote here, is bad but to be misinformed is worst. Ignorance is a terrible thing at any level.

To be uninformed is very bad, ignorance is terrible, it can cost you a lot including your life but the more serious trouble is to be misinformed.

This leads me to this next point, we must examine the content of our doctrines and the content we use to mentor people because I have spoken now about the need for discipleship.

But there are many people who are in trouble today because they submitted to discipleship but the content was inaccurate, largely unscriptural.

Now let me tell you this; sincerity does not necessarily mean truthfulness. Just because people are sincere does not mean that they are right.

Most of the error and the trouble, the imbalances that come; they come from sincere people especially the one that comes from we preachers.

We may be sincere and so most people believe those information in honour to the sincerity of the man of God, not the truthfulness of the content.

I can teach a lie, I can teach something that is imbalance or false and just because you perceive me to be a sincere person, in honour to my sincerity, you will now swallow up the error that I am teaching. I may be sincere but it does not automatically mean that what I am saying is right.

More than sincerity, we must obtain grace from God to seek truth.

What delivers is not sincerity, He says, ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

So two burdens tonight, one is that at the back of every transformation; national transformation, regional, family is the need for mentorship. Everybody here comes from a family, many people here are parents, we can start by being intentional.

So the moment you find out that you are ignorant in an area and you are searching for light, your first assignment is not reception, your first assignment is verification. What I’m about to open my heart to, is it truth indeed?

It takes a lot of time to submit yourself to knowledge. It also takes a lot of time to undo the wrong that you have learnt.

My greatest prayer as a man of God is not just for signs and wonders and miracles and the prophetic; it is that I do not teach God’s people a lie and cause nations and millions of people to believe a lie and then after ten, twenty years, I now realize it’s the truth then I change alone and leave the people to suffer. Are we together?

So I remain committed by the privilege of God’s grace to make sure that the truth that we hear and the truths that come from this altar are truths that are true indeed, scriptural, life applicable mysteries of the Kingdom that will altogether build the believer spiritually and then in every other sense.

This is why we are here. The day we fail in this assignment, there is no need for you to come here again because we’ll be wasting your time.

That anytime you come and what you hear are not life applicable truths, sound from scripture, doctrinally balanced and communicated with intelligence, there is no need doing any church again. Every other thing that is left is religion.

Now for the Word tonight, please pray in one minute, Lord grant me grace. Open my eyes to the mystery that will come from Heaven.
– My life is about to change in the name of Jesus.
– My destiny is about to be transformed, truth is coming to me.

Tonight I bring you a mystery that will transform your life in no small way, I bring you a Kingdom truth that has been responsible for the enviable rising and excelling of men in the Kingdom.

Remember the Lord gave an instruction and for those of you who are just connecting today, we are teaching truths that relate to the graces that are at work in this house, to the end that we’ll become partakers of this grace through light, through knowledge. More than just impartation of anointing, the knowledge that sponsors the coming and the staying and even the multiplication of those graces is what we’ve been dispensing. Are we together?

This is one of the secrets that God taught me, I have watched it in the life of great people, I have seen it in the Bible. I have watched those who violated this principle, pay for it.

I have watched people who honour this principle rise and it is my prayer and my sinc ere desire tonight that God will find somebody in this place who will place value on this mystery and that you will rise in a way that will suprise you, in the name of Jesus Christ.


The goal of this discussion tonight is to connect believers to and with the grace for lifting by exposing the danger of pride and revealing to you from scripture the character and the excellency of true humility. Praise the name of the Lord.

Three scriptures and we will begin our discussion tonight.

James 4:6 – the first information here is that whatever God gives you, He can give you more of it.

Everything God gives is a seed that can be multiplied. Everything God gives, there is more of it.

…He giveth more grace. Wherefore He saith, who is the He talking?

The One who gives the more grace. Whatever the owner of anything is saying, you pay attention to it if you really want it.

So the giver of this more grace says; God resisteth the proud, but He giveth grace…

So first information, He gives more grace. Second information He tells you the candidate He gives that more grace to. In any case, both the proud and the humble have something that comes from God to them.

Philippians 2:3
Very self explanatory, very clear that nothing be done in strife or vainglory but in lowliness.

1 Peter 5:6
Let’s begin our discussion. I want to start with a concept that I call the deceitfulness of pride.

Let’s examine the subject of pride, what exactly is pride and why is it such a serious issue in my life and in your life? Why do we have to battle and wrestle with this concept, this Idea of pride.

I’d like us to deal with the subject of pride: Church dimension and then the second the psychological dimension because when it has to do with pride, demon spirits come to fortify a belief system so that they cause you to remain in that state, for that spirit to be fruitful in the life of its victim.

The Bible talks about the idea of pride and how deadly and how dangerous it is. It always connects it with destruction, falling, all kinds of things.

There is no mention of pride and lifting together, there is no mention of pride and increase together, from Genesis to Revelation.

Every time the Bible mentions pride, either directly in scripture or through the similitude of a story or in parable, the ones who are victims of that pride, if there is no repentance and there is no brokenness and there is no conversion, they will always end up worse than the story started with them.

I want to just delve a bit into a concept of the human nature. Let’s discuss a bit on psychology and then I will get back to my teaching.

This is very important. You cannot truly, truly understand pride until you understand the human nature.

Many believers think that all it takes to being free from some of these things is just knowing that God delivers and God set free.

You have to understand pride from a psychological dimension. Why do people fall victim of this thing that the Bible calls pride?

Every human being, the Bible tells us that man is tripartite in expression; man is a spirit.

The Bible says and that sprit lives in a body and connecting that spirit and body is a faculty that we call the mind, is that true?

You have to understand that men are not just spirits, they interact with this realm through the mind. That means there is a psychological composition to every man born of a woman.

A behavioural psychologist, a professor called Abraham Maslow and he lived from 1908-1917.

He postulated a theory called the theory of motivation that eventually brought what we have known in the physiological world today as the hierarchy of needs.

It was an attempt to describe human behaviour, he wanted to describe the motivation behind the activities of men on earth so that he would now be able to help us make sense of why men do what they do, why men act the way they act, why men go where they go, are we together?

This was a very successful work because it helps to frame intelligence. Businesses today run on this principles.

Their understanding of human psychology has helped them to build products, a kinds of platform based on this. I will not dwell so much, I just want to give us a basic understanding.

But then you can trust what I am saying because they are not my ideas, this is well researched, by God’s Grace, we are serious people in the name of Jesus Christ.

Media please help me, I gave the media a little assignment, now, this is a pyramid that was a representation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It was an attempt to show the motivation behind human behaviour from the greatest to the least.

That means that all men are driven by theses factors right here. At the base of the pyramid, we have the greatest need of man.

He calls it psychological needs, another word for it is basic needs. So at the base of the pyramid, the largest part of the pyramid, he says that all men, the urgency that men express in their lives is primarily to be able to achieve the psychological or basic needs first.

That means in order of priority, a dying man is not looking for real estate, a dying man is looking for air to breathe when he can breathe air, then he needs water.

When he finds water, he can now find food. When he can find food, he now realizes he’s naked and he wants clothes. Are you seeing it now?

The second is called safety needs, that means when your basic needs are meant and you don’t have a problem with food, shelter, sleep or clothing, your motivation now increases.

You next need becomes your safety needs; security and safety now become your priority.

The third is called love and acceptance needs. We call them social need generally. The need to feel loved and accepted.

The first, second and third doesn’t create so much trouble in your life. Real trouble starts From the fourth part of the pyramid. It is called esteem needs.

Esteem needs, at this point people begin to want independence, people begin to pay attention to achievement. What gives you fulfillment at this level is not eating well, is not driving a car, you want to achieve goals and then you want a sense of independence.

The fifth is called self actualisation needs, the need for fulfillment and the need for legacy.

The highest psychology need of all men is the need to be loved, accepted, celebrated and appreciated.

Pride is rooted in deep insecurity, fear, a sense of powerlessness and unworthiness. 95 per cent of all manifestation of pride are a cover up for this condition. You have to understand this.

Anywhere you find pride, behind the scene is an expression of insecurity, an expression of fear, powerlessness or lack of control and an express of unworthiness.

Three definitions of pride:

1. Pride is a lost for the praises of men. A lost is an ungodly inordinate affinity.

2. A high or inordinate opinion of one’s own dignity, importance, merit or superiority whether as cherished in the mind or as displayed in conduct.
When pride is expressed, we call it boastfulness but whether pride is expressed or not, pride is pride.

3. A feeling of being better than others on the strength of one’s perception or in the presence of obvious achievements.

Proverbs 18:12, Proverbs 16:18, Proverbs 29:23- Everytime you see pride, pride is only a John the Baptist to something that is coming. Before destruction, the heart of man is haughty.

Inordinate affection – this was what destroy Lucifer, the son of the morning. When the Lord began to teach me about pride, every day till today and tomorrow….
Pride is a killer, it has such penetrating power; the most fortified heart, it can creep into that heart until it destroys you.

Two angles of Pride:

1. Spiritual pride
2. The pride of life

Revelation 3:14-19, Luke 18:11-14
I can tell you by experience and from the scripture; if God does not help you, spiritual growth and spiritual excellence can turn and tilt you to the other side of the pendulum and bring your destruction.

The moment you feel you are the only one God is using, “Apostle Joshua Selman” it is only in Koinonia God is blessing people…” I have said this to you and I say it out of every sense of responsibility, truly without exaggeration, now it’s even more.

I managed an average of say, 800 plus messages in a day and many of them like this… “Apostles of the Most High God” I have searched men of God and if you actually believe that thing, I am talking to myself now; if I actually believe that thing, I’m not only stupid but I am under an attack.

As funny and childish as what I am saying is, there are some of you who will believe it absolutely and go out of your way to create systems that reinforce those kind of things.

Listen to me, you’ve heard me say this, you know you are being transformed by the Holy Ghost when there is humility connected to your growth. The moment you begin to trade humility for revelation, you are in trouble.

How do you know you are walking in pride?

When you believe that there are certain things you are the only one who can do and you are the only one who can bring, it is the mistake of Elijah.

Elijah came to God and say, every other person has deserted you, I am the only one.

God said nonsense, what are you saying? There are seven thousand others.

As a man of God, I’ve had the honour and the privilege of meeting people and God many times opens my eyes and I’m able to see these people.

They themselves do not know how mighty they are in the spirit. I shared with you a story one time that I was preaching at a PFM Crusade in Kano and I was calling people out by Word of knowledge, ministering to people and then I called this woman out and when the woman came out, she was an intercessor and then she told me, that every 15 days she finishes her Bible, a Hausa Bible, 15 days without fail and yet they are not on air, yet they are not Joshua Selman who sits in front and yet we can have the audacity to believe that we are the only ones God is using, not so.

My brothers, God has a mighty army. Nobody knows them yet, some of them are hiding in the School of the Spirit. God is using our lives to teach them lessons and train them. We must have the maturity, the wisdom and the spirituality to know this.

The more you see the glory of God; the more you are exposed to God, the more you see your inadequacy before Him and the need to remain humble.

Someone was at a Pastor’s Conference, it’s a story that I heard years ago, they were at a Pastor’s Conference, Ministers were praying and our father in the Lord, Baba Adeboye was there and when it was time to pray, mass prayer, everybody was praying and then the man had the opportunity to lie down not too far as he said from Baba Adeboye and pastors were praying, “Lord the grace on this ministry must come upon my life.

I am tired of 300 members” and when he came close for more than one hour or so, he said, all that Baba Adeboye was saying is mercy Oh God.

That’s how you know people who have grown. Others who just came, “Lord fire, Lord bring partners, bring people who can help me and stop this work from been hard”.

Someone else is crying and saying, Lord mercy, keep me to the end. Mercy, the humility it takes to finish.

Spiritual pride works in two angles; there is the one you create by yourself and the people who praise you. There are others you will not create it but when you see it, you will enjoy it like squeezing an orange until there is nothing left, it is still pride.

There are things people want to do in my life today, if I’m to allow people do everything they want to do in my life, it will almost become another religion.

People will now almost worship Joshua Selman. Haaa, may I not live to see that day, in the name of Jesus Christ.

One of God’s Generals, I may not mention his name because I am speaking to a global audience but of one these generals; that was one of the things that brought him down.

He was a mighty General of God, used of God powerfully but he got to a point where people told him, you are one of these prophets, Elijah specifically and when they said that, for a while he said; no, no, no. Glory be to God.

I don’t mean the spirit of Elijah, Elijah incarnate, you are that Elijah that Revelation say would come again. Can I tell you this, in the state of pride, there is nothing you will not believe.

That’s why it’s good to ask God for mercy and eventually, they now made him believe that he was Elijah and after a while, he started believing it and he went and sow a Regalia.

At that time, there was no social media, so you will not really know what God was doing at the other side of the world.

It was at that time that the woman that we call Maria Woodworth-Etter, God now lifted her and when that man heard that God was using someone outside of him, he persecuted that woman seriously.

Number one that she was a woman, number two, who are you for God to use you? I’m the only one that God is using here and thank God he served God but he did not finish well.

I submit to you by God, there are many men of God, there are many people who need a retreat fast to go back and break down before God and say, my Maker any King, everything I ever have, it came from you and thank God for the Spirit of revelation, thank God for the ability to minister healing.

Thank God for the nations who are hearing what we are doing, but Lord I pray that the pride that comes based on spiritual achievement may it never, never, never….
While you are saying it, you will look like a fool but you are already signing your relevance for the next move of God.

The way up is to remain on your knees. Many of you are simply, you are not humble. Simplicity is not humility.

I remember one time years ago when I finished that preaching, someone sent me a text and said, I’ve been calling you and you did not pick. I said, look, they said I’m humble not stupid. Do you know my activities. Don’t let people blackmail you emotionally just because you said you are humble.

The second area of pride is called the pride of life (1 John 2:16).
The pride of life is the self-exaltation, the inordinate feeling of importance, self-exaltation based on obvious achievements.

The pride of life is the self glorification that is derived in the presence of obvious achievements, you have results to show for it.
Jeremiah 9:23-24
Pride is the refusal to acknowledge God as the basis for your success.

My father used to tell us many years ago that no matter who you are, no matter where you go to, make sure you fight pride. It’s one of the most outspoken virtue that he pounded on our head.

Deuteronomy 8:11-17
Pride there is the refusal to acknowledge God before men as the Doer of every good thing in your life; either directly or indirectly.

Symptoms of Pride:

1. Embarrassment, the moment you begin to become embarrassed to acknowledge God publicly is a symptom of pride.

Everytime I see anything good, whether it’s a text or whatever it is that people do, I just stand before Him and I say, Lord, You see my heart. I’ve never had plans for anything if You never bless me, if You never gave me ministry, I’m still grateful but that You have done this, I return back to You, You have done it again. Thank You. While I’m saying this, many text messages are coming from all over the world, mighty man of God.

I say Lord, that is dedicated to You.
They are just trying to say You are great.
What they are trying to say is Galatians 1:24.

But Lord, I’m like a host as that glory is passing, may no devil trap it and kill me down there. No, let it pass and go to Him who is due all the glory.

The most dangerous thing about pride is not that you will be fought, the most dangerous thing about pride is who will fight.

The Bible says, God resisted… If men fight you, you can go to God and say; my Father and my Maker, men are disturbing me.

If demons fight you,you can go to God and say this demons again, you can use God’s name. If God fights you, will you use His name to cast Him?

The name of the Lord is the highest and if the owner of the name is fighting you, every other altar will join Him to fight you too. It is dangerous for God to be against a man.

Rewards of Humility:
Proverbs 22:4, James 4:6, 10
Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and there is a reward for it – He will lift you.

What is humility?
It is not denying what God has done in your life publicly, intentionally, continually as the basis that when it’s all set and done, more than your intellect, more than your business, God is the Doer of every good thing, that’s humility

John 3:30 – must be the lesson that everybody takes home today as far as humility is concerned.

How do you know you are humble?

When men look at you and they remember Jesus, not you.
When men look at you and only your praises they sing, something is wrong with your approach.

The end of a man who is truly humble cannot be predicted by any mortal man on earth.

There is no prophet, apostle whose eyes can see as far as a man with humility can go. Only God can tell the end of a humble man.

The Lord brought you to Church tonight that there is a secret, men do not just rise, God is the lifter of men.

What is the Key to humility:

The key to humility is found in Deuteronomy 8:18.

There are eight words I will want you to remember for the rest of your life as the key to humility:
a). Thou shalt remember the Lord thy God. One of the greatest keys to humility is remembrance.

Remember where God took you from and remember who took you. If you can remember where God took you from and you can remember who took you, you have mastered the key to beating life at its game.

Let me speak to someone here; keep the memory of your pain now. You will need it tomorrow.

Don’t waste your pain, your pain is a miracle. The injury on your hand today is what will keep you when you sit on the throne.

Till today, Jesus still has the scar, the scar reminds Him of His love for man again. Everytime you see that scar, you remember.

I remember a time in my life when I was going to preach, it was raining.

I remember trekking in the rain while the rain was pouring on me, I was praying in tongues and going for the meeting and look what He’s done today and then you forget, keep that memory, that what’s God will use to remind you.

Once upon a time you could not afford a good shoe but now you can even buy the whole boutique, oh please do not forget. Thou shalt remember, remember yesterday and remember the Lord.

Most leaders in Africa and Nigeria are making this mistake; we are not giving those who look up to us the stories, we are only giving them the rewards. So a young man now does not know that ministry needs stamina and endurance and pain.

Why because he just came and received impartation, received maybe three or five cars and had his mentors or spiritual fathers come and stand as a leverage to speak for him.

An increase is coming and he can look and be laughing at people and say shame on you.

Five years no membership because of that leverage.
Pain is a gift, make sure you give those you really love the testimony of your pain, share it with them.

Don’t inflict pain on them and tell them the privilege you enjoy, do not abuse it. Carelessness comes when process is not known. When people ignore process, the result is carelessness.
– Lord as men look at our lives, may they see You.
– Lord may we never forget; may nations see that You are the Lifter, the Blesser, the
Anointer, the One who prospers. May the mundane things in this life never get into us to turn our hearts and minds away from You. May we be ever conscious.

I pray for everyone here under the sound of my voice; I pray for our Global family, I pray for you who is a man of God who has been trusting God for lifting, I pray for you who is a businessman who is at a defining moment, you’ve been praying for lifting, I pray for politicians, members of parliament, those in government, ministry, those trusting God to lift them financially; there is grace. I have see it work wonders and therefore in the name of Jesus Christ, as instructed by God, I stretch
my hands over everyone here, the grace that lifts, that grace that exalts even through humility, may that grace rest upon you now.

For some of you, this is the fulfillment of prophecy. All the things you saw in your dreams, God was waiting for you to hear this sermon before the angels are activated. Because where God is taking you, you need this message to remain:
Therefore I declare, I call upon my God and your God: Father, in a fearful way, begin to lift people from tonight; spiritual liftings, financial liftings, intellectual liftings, ministerial liftings, in the name of Jesus Christ. Access to systems, access to the hearts of kings, may that grace come upon you now. Never will you call for help and be left alone again in the name of Jesus Christ.

Anyone who is due for promotion of all sorts and has been kept aside, in the name that is above all names, may this grace come upon you and lift you to a final wonder.

– Those in ministry, co-labourers in the Gospel, I stand in agreement with you that in the name of Jesus, everything that had stunted the growth of your churches, ministries, ministerial platforms, by the power that raised Christ from the dead, receive this grace and rise.

– Some of us have been on the same level for a long time, you’ve not gone down but you’ve not gone up either, I pray for you, by this grace; ye have encompassed this mountain long enough, rise up now in the name of Jesus.

– Any spirit that has taken advantage of pride in your life to keep your down, any spirit that has cooperated with your ignorance in this area; some of you may have been arrogant based on this psychological thing, it’s just your passion to prove a point, your passion to be known and celebrated, any spirit that has taken advantage of you, by the the blood of eternal Covenant, I cast those spirits out of your life, out of your destiny, in the name of Jesus Christ.

– Therefore I declare over your life, no more stagnation. Age long doors that have refused to open, in the name of Jesus, we swing them open now.

– Whatever has stunted your office, your business, the works of your hands; every manifestation of pride that had come through you, directly or indirectly or has come from your children and even those you are rising spiritually or otherwise. I pray, may the mercy of God speak for you.
– Grace to work in true humility, receive that grace. Grace to acknowledge Jesus as the source and the only source of your rising, may that grace be released upon you.
– Any association in your life that seeks to distract you from acknowledging Jesus and anything that is planted in your heart that makes you ashamed of letting the nation’s know that He is a Lifter, I command it out of your heart now.
– Some of you before next Sunday, you will stand here to share testimonies of the lifting power of humility in the name of Jesus.
By this Grace, doors that were once open and are now closed, may they be reopened unto you in the Name of Jesus



– May the Lord bless you in the name of Jesus. May the hand of the Lord rest upon you. This week is a week of victory for you. You go from glory to glory. You are excelling in your spiritual life in the name of Jesus Christ.

The Lord multiplies your honour, your influence. He keeps you away from anything that will destroy your destiny and I pray that you’ll keep going from glory to glory, in the name of Jesus Christ.

“…but thou shalt remember the Lord thy God”. That is your take home tonight.
God bless you.

The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit; let it rest and abide with us now and forevermore.


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