RCCG 69th Annual Convention Tagged ‘A New Wave Of Glory’
Holy Ghost Service
(Evening Session Day 5)
By Assistant Pastor Charles Ibe
Praise the Lord!
We have been married for twenty years, we got married on 13th May 2000 and since then we have been believing God for the fruit of the womb. Daddy and mummy prayed for us but nothing happened.

There were several doctor’s reports, one of them was that I had an introverted womb, I said it is not written, it is not in the Bible. In 2016, Daddy told us that God had released, seventy thousand children, we keyed in, we were always here. I kept on telling God that if He answers me I will come and give testimony.

Finally, during the lockdown, February 2020, I got pregnant the doctors checked and said there were two heartbeats. I want to give Glory to God that it was a seamless pregnancy, the doctors kept saying the babies are doing fine.

Finally, on 10th September 2020, these miracles came to me. I spent ten minutes in the theater.
I want somebody to shout a thunderous hallelujah!



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