-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle
*There are people here today, that in your lifetime as you allow God to lead you, you will count 50,000.
*Some individuals here will become major breadwinners of nations.
*I know I love Jesus Sir. Anyone looking for me is looking for God’s trouble. He is my God, He will fry them.

  • The process between when He declares His Word and when it comes to be fully fulfilled is not easy. You need passion to keep going.
    *Only givers can ever secure their future of abundance.
    That is our teaching series for the month.
    1 Corinthians 12:1, 6-7
    It is for our profitable living. Manifestations of the Spirit are for profitable living of the believers. So we need to know what they are and what we have been doing since the month began is to examine some of those diversity of operations that might not have been listed in the 9 gifts of the Spirit.
    But know that believers are primarily empowered to go about their Father’s business, so if you don’t have a business with your Father’s business, you are not a candidate.
    Jesus said, “don’t you know that I must be about my Father’s business?” – Luke 2:49
    They said, “what is that?”
    In Romans 12:11, “not slothful in business; but fervent in spirit; serving the Lord”
    So serving God is business. So only those committed to the Father’s business are entitled to be empowered, not those who are in it.
    Acts 1:8 – I am giving you power to serve My purpose on earth. The power I am giving You is to serve My purpose. When you don’t have no business with His business, you are not a candidate.
    And the husbandman that laboureth is ordained to be first partaker of the fruits (2 Timothy 2:6). When you are serving His purpose, you are a beneficiary of that grace, that anointing, because whatever flows through you first blesses you before it flows to others. We should get that understanding.
    You are passionate about people getting saved: none of your children will go wayward.
    You are passionate about the success of other people’s children: your children must succeed.
    What you give is what you get back.
    You are helping someone to get to Church: no one in your generation will ever get stranded.
    You are helping to put food on somebody’s table: your children will never beg for food.
    All those things, they return as you engage with your covenant keeping God.
    The disciples were empowered to get on the Go for Christ.
    Luke 9:1, 6
    We are empowered to get on our Father’s business, to go about our Father’s business.
    Luke 10:1, 19 – You are a beneficiary of it. You can’t access the power and not benefit from it, but we are empowered to get on the go for Him and not for show.
    The more committed we are in going about our Father’s business, the greater our access to ever increasing empowerment.
    The more committed you are in going about Your Father’s business, the greater your access to ever increasing empowerment.
    Some armed robbers got into a place in Abuja, they were very callous people: shooting, maiming and all that stuff. They got to a particular building, the head of the gang saw the banner of WSF, with my picture there, he said, “excuse me, look up. Baba (Bishop David Oyedepo) is here ooo. Let’s go.” That is the picture: Baba is here, let’s go.
    You heard that Fulani man said, “he is a danger to us.” He said, “are you a Winner?” He said, “Yes.” You are a danger to us, stay here.
    The things are ever on the increase when you are on the go for Jesus. Ever on the increase!
    Those bandits in Benue got to a place and they saw all the stickers: ‘My Year of Turnaround’; ‘My Year of Breakthrough’. You think they don’t see, there is no beast that doesn’t fear fire. They said, “leave that place, let’s go. This man is here. Let’s go.”
    They are not things you cook up Sir, you can wear one million titles, it won’t be equal to that. You are talking about authority that Jesus gives you as you serve Him faithfully from one level to another. Not that you sit down, decorated and wear suit and complete…that is not where it is.
    One of son’s wife was carried away by these kidnappers. I said, “in 2 hours.”
    He told them: My father said, ‘2 hours, I am out of here’
    Just 5 minutes to 2 hours, they said, “please stand up. Be on your way.”
    She said: What of this woman? They said, “go with her.” What of that one? They said, “go with all of them. Just go.”
    Whatever I say to you under this anointing and it does not deliver, you didn’t believe it.
    I can’t help you beyond that. It is over to you
    2 Chronicles 20:20
    “…believe also his prophets” – What He declares will deliver in your life.
    You will prosper.
    So take heed today, because you are going to another level.
    You don’t need any human support to make the Word of God work. We have not had one human support on this ground in 40 years and things are working every day.
    Can human beings go and plant 289 Cells from an instruction that came during the week?
    Can human back up make you plant 10,000 Churches in a year and 1,300 Churches across 35 Nations? In a year of global lockdown.
    You can global lockdown yourself, you can’t lockdown God. No
    I was shouting on vaccination. Are you following up the happenings? The number of people that have been recorded dead from that thing. I am not relaxed. I saw danger and I declared it. That is the world going to, the world can be going to destruction, I won’t go with them.
    Any Nation without a prophetic voice is doomed. You better take note.
    I saw some gruesome pictures yesterday on Daystar. Gruesome! Of the negative impact on people.
    Here we don’t have data, you can’t even tell what is happening to anybody. But God for the sake of the elect will deliver this land.
    -Anyone who may have been deceived or forced to, I pray by the anointing of today, every negative impact from it will be cleared from your life.
    We are looking at 4 of these diversity of operations of the Spirit today.
  1. THE SPIRIT OF LOVE: Love is the greatest spiritual virtue in the Kingdom.
    Greater than vision, greater than faith, it is just in its class. It is the first and the great commandment that makes great men and women in the Kingdom.
    Yes, we make a choice to love Him, but that love needs to be empowered to stand the test of time when jungle matures. Peter answered 3 times, “I love You Lord”, but he denied him 3 times also until he was empowered to stand like a rock and the land was subdued before him when his choice to love had been empowered (John 21:15).
    Peter responded in the affirmative, “I love You Lord.” He denied even with a curse, he swore that he never knew Jesus 3 times, but after the Holy Ghost came, no devil could make Peter deny Jesus.
    “Whether we should obey you or God, you judge; but as for us, we cannot but speak those things we have heard and seen” (Acts 4:20). He took the land by storm, by their empowered love. That is why the Spirit of love is very vital to keep us going in season and out of season.
    What does that offer?
    2 Timothy 1:7
    There is the spirit of love that God gives to His people, for their love for him to stand the test of time, for them to remain in love in season and out of season. Not because of what He does and what He does not do but for who He is. It takes empowered love to operate in that realm. Hallelujah.
    What is in it for us?
    We know that all things work together for good to them that love God (Romans 8:28).
    As long as our love for God is intact, it’s in place and it’s growing; all things are ordained to keep working together for our good.
    What else do you need? All things: at home, at work, with your children, your grandchildren, your extended family. All things that can affect is lined up to keep working together for your good, by just remaining in love with God. In love with God.
    We know that all things work together: all things will keep working together as long as you are in love.
    He now went on, “eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, it hasn’t entered the heart of any man those things God has prepared for them that love Him” – 1 Corinthians 2:9
    So every true lover is ordained a high flyer.
    Every true lover of Jesus is ordained a pace setter.
    Every true lover of Jesus is ordained a path finder.
    Every true lover of God is ordained a trail blazer.
    What eyes have not seen, what ears have not heard, they are the things that happen by their hands.
    -Therefore, in the name of Jesus, receive today afresh upon your life, the enduement of the spirit of love.
    Receive this morning, a fresh enduement of the Spirit of love in your life.
    May that bring you into your realm of rest.
    Sir, I love Jesus: the devil knows; all his agents in hell, they know; all the agents he has on earth, they know and I know. It is one thing for them to know, it is another thing for you to know. Job never knew that he had a hedge around him, the devils knew, “have you not built an hedge around him?” (Job 1:10).
    If Job knew that, he won’t be afraid.
    I know I love Jesus Sir. Anyone looking for me is looking for God’s trouble. He is my God, He will fry them.
    You touch him, you touch the apple of my eye.
    When you love God to the point where you become the apple of His eye, go and rest: In the night, in the day; go and rest! Because when you grow your love, to know the length, the breadth and the height, you are filled with His fullness (Ephesians 3:18-19).
    Can God be afraid? You enter into rest. As you grow your love, your rest increases. Your rest level keeps increasing.
    It takes the enablement of the Spirit of love to keep loving God at all times.
    A time came, we were challenged in the family, my wife’s health was challenged. It didn’t tamper with one thing that I do in my serving God. I was in 27 nations that year. I mean, great time Sir. I’d just sleep like a baby and wake up in the morning.
    “Did you ever think that she died?” No, there is no space for such in my heart.
    Over to you: Do you desire an enduement of the Spirit of Love in your life? Lift up your right hand and call for it. Call for that Spirit.
    Lord, endue me afresh today with the Spirit of love. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.
    The most authentic proof of love is willful obedience.
    John 14:21
    Abraham, the friend of God, only proved his love by raw and prompt obedience (Genesis 12:1, 4; Genesis 17:10, 22-23; Genesis 22:2)
    That is how he became My friend. The seed of Abraham, my friend (Isaiah 41:8).
    It is not singing, 🎶 “I love You more than anyone🎶
    Anybody can sing, your raw obedience and my raw obedience is the most valid proof of our love for God.
    We came to Canaan(land) on raw obedience: Lord, I would rather sink with You than shine without You. This is the place you said, that is where I am going.
    With a clear-cut instruction: no Church in town.
    This man must be a fool, thank You. See where we are today, by grace.
    -You won’t miss God anymore.
    Don’t ever claim to love Him when you don’t obey Him. That is fake, that is not real. When His instructions don’t move you, you are not in love with Him.
    When what He commands does not impact on you, you don’t love Him.
    Are you in love? Prove it with your raw and prompt obedience. Let it be willful obedience not coerced obedience and then you are in love. What love does will start manifesting in your life.
    That Spirit makes people of quick understanding. It is listed as one of the 7 Spirits that was upon Christ.
    Isaiah 11:1-2
    “…quick understanding in the fear of the Lord” – Quick understanding in the things of God.
    It quickens our spiritual understanding. Jesus landed here and at the age of 12, they were astonished at his questions and answers (Luke 2:47).
    Interestingly, God’s wisdom is not the wisdom of mighty words, but mighty works.
    Talk is cheap Sir, you can get an applause for any profound statement, but “whence hath this man this wisdom and these mighty works?” (Matthew 13:54).
    The authentic proof in the wisdom of God is mighty works, outstanding works, outstanding results, outstanding accomplishments. Don’t mistake it for Philosophy please, it is too far from it.
    Outstanding accomplishments is the Biblical authentic proof of the wisdom of God at work.
    Psalm 104:24, Proverbs 3:19
    It is not the wisdom of mighty words, but mighty works. It manifests itself in mighty works, that cannot be denied.
    -You are going places.
    Yes, God has ordained wisdom as our heritage in redemption (Matthew 11:19). Wisdom is our heritage in redemption and that is simple because Christ who is the wisdom and the power of God now resides in us (1 Corinthians 1:24).
    Wisdom is our heritage, but we need the spirit of wisdom to fire it on, to trigger its manifestation, to trigger its release in our lives.
    After some extensive months of prayers and fasting, the Lord said to me, “I will not have you go as others have gone. I will have hands laid on you, you shall be filled with the Spirit of wisdom.” He confirmed it.
    He said, “all her ways her ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace” (Proverbs 3:17).
    Operating in the realm of God’s wisdom brings you pleasantness and peace, pressure free adventure.
    You have seen that over the years in this Ministry.
    -You will be seeing that from henceforth in your life.
    -The greatest steps you will take in life as ordered by the Lord will stress free; will be totally stress free!
    Today we have about 35,000 people on our workforce in Nigeria alone. No stress, no strain, but there are people here today, that in your lifetime as you allow God to lead you, you will count 50,000.
    Some will count 100,000.
    Some will count 200,000
    Some individuals here will become major breadwinners of nations.
    As you allow Him.
    God’s wisdom is putting the Word of God to work (Matthew 7:24). He has secured his future, he is working on my Word, he is not just using expertise and skill . He is obeying me. He is lining up his life with my Word, forget about the wind, the storm and the rain: that house shall remain standing, because it is founded upon the rock.
    Matthew 7:24-25
    -May each one here today be endued afresh with the Spirit of wisdom that will make all the difference in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Jeremiah 10:12
    Behind every healthy enlargement is the wisdom of God at work.
    Behind every healthy and secured expansion is the wisdom of God. So allow His wisdom to have its way in your life, by doing what He tells you to do, then you will be doing more and more as He has told you before. He tells you another one, you do what He has told you and then He does another one. That is what He does.
    You will never be stranded.
    One of the hidden place of His wisdom is bringing souls into His Kingdom.
    Proverbs 11:30, Proverbs 3:35
    It terminates shame and reproach
    Daniel 12:3
    Commitment, dedication to bringing souls to the Kingdom makes stars.
    You know by wisdom kings reign and princes decree justice (Proverbs 8:15). Not just temporal stars, as the stars forever and ever (Daniel 12:3).
    -If Jesus tarries for another one millennium, there are many names here that will still be a reference point in their lineage.
    Your children’s children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, they will be praying in the name of the God my father served and He will be answering them accordingly.
    Forever and forever.
    -There are names that will not be forgotten in the next 100 years.
    -After they have gone, there are names here that will not be forgotten in the next 200 years.
    -There are names here that will be ringing bells across the nations of the earth. Hundreds of years, after you have gone.
    By dedicating yourself to the advancement of the Kingdom.
    This thing is real!
    Isaiah 4:4-5
    Calls it the spirit of burning. That implies passion, it implies zeal. That is the force that keeps believers in motion in their walk with God. Just like fuel is to your car, that is what passion is to a believer.
    You can’t push a car to work without fuel. You can’t push a believer to work without passion.
    Passion is the spiritual driver that keeps you running with God’s instructions in season and out of season.
    Jeremiah 20:9
    It keeps you on the go!
    -May you be endued today afresh with the spirit of passion.
    Passion for God will change any believer’s story forever. Genuine passion for God is the only way to keep going even when things look tough. You are just on the go, there is something burning in your bone, that you can’t stop but to keep going.
    You know the blessing in that: At the end it shall speak.
    Habakkuk 2:3
    The process between when He declared His Word and to when it comes to be fully fulfilled is not easy. So you need passion to keep going.
    I now I have told you there is a spirit of Passion, call for that spirit.
    I signed up for Matthew 6:33 45 years ago, it hasn’t left me, it keeps me going and relaxingly, no tension. It’s just normal. It is not that I am struggling to do it. No. It’s just normal, because it will only speak at the end.
    Imagine if I stopped 1980, the mandate would not come.
    If I stopped 1983: we would never get to Kaduna.
    If I stopped 1987: we would never get to Lagos.
    If I stopped 1989: we would never get to Canaan(land).
    At the end it shall speak.
    This is what He said He will do, but it comes through a process and you need a burning on your inside to follow through.
    Some people are just two steps more and then they withdraw: then start all over again.
    But the spirit of passion keeps you going. You keep smiling at the storm. You are just enjoying your walk with God and He steps in at the end to say, “Yes, I said it”
    He that endures to the end, the same shall be saved (Matthew 24:13).
    If Abraham stopped at chapter 12; He would never see chapter 17 (Genesis).
    If he stopped at chapter 20; He would never see chapter 22 and that is what secured his generations after him.
    It is all at the end it shall speak. He said it to him in chapter 12, He swore it over him in chapter 22.
    When His proclamations turn into a sworn blessing, it is settled. But it takes a process to get there.
    -In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, today must mark a new dawn in your spiritual life.
    Lift up your right hand and ask for a fresh enduement with the spirit of passion that will keep you going after your God, without stress.
    In Jesus precious name we have prayed. Receive that in the name of Jesus.
    Now let me tell you the joy that is in this: It keeps you self-encouraged. Hours of depression is when you are alone, there won’t be anybody to encourage you. You can discourage yourself to the point of saying, “I want to commit suicide.” But the spirit of passion keeps you encouraged. You are just on Sir.
    It may look bleak to those around you: that is your life, but you are just looking at the end and enjoying it.
    Jesus, who for the joy that was set before Him, endured the cross, despised the shame – Hebrews 12:2
    It keeps you self-encouraged.
    Receive that grace today that keeps you self-encouraged in your walk with God.
    I shared with you a story one time when I was 40. One of our friends said, “he wants to thank my wife.”
    I said: For what?
    He said: For encouraging me.
    I said: Ask her, I have never been discouraged. Ask her. It was a fun…we were having in the evening that day.
    Sir, I have never needed any encouragement and you can’t discourage me. You can’t.
    You have your view, it is allowed. Even Jesus allows it, so who am I?
    You say, “I am a fool.” That is your view. There is nothing you write about me, for me, against me that moves me. The next thing I am going to say, it is God who will tell me and I am not addressing you because I don’t even know what you wrote.
    I don’t read, I don’t hear, so it is your cup of tea.
    I just keep riding on and I am enjoying myself, day in, day out. Enjoying myself. Zero concerns, that is where you are going to.
    No more shall anyone beg you to go to Church.
    They won’t remind you, “have you read your Bible?”
    Because you have gone beyond that, you already know where your help is and Your Help has never disappointed.
    -You will not be disappointed.
    This is one grace that all of us needs.
    The giving grace is the covenant platform for empowerment for wealth. Power to get wealth is unleashed on the platform to give. Power to give is what sets the stage for Power for wealth.
    Until you receive the power to give you are not a candidate for empowerment for wealth, because empowerment for wealth is on a platform of the covenant and the covenant for abundance anchors on giving.
    Genesis 8:22
    If you are not a giver Sir, you are not a candidate to prosper, you are not entitled to prosper.
    God’s prosperity is unleashed on the giving platform.
    “While the earth remaineth” – that is the law, that is the rule
    We saw this Church, very unusual Church in 2 Corinthians chapter 8 verses 1 to 3
    2 Corinthians 8: 1-7
    What a contradiction: very poor people but highly liberal people.
    There is a power involved that was behind their liberality. There is a power involved that will make poor people just get committed to liberality.
    There is a giving grace that sets the stage for abundance. If you look at (2 Corinthians) chapter 9, you will see how prosperous that Church was. They were on the correct platform to be empowered for wealth.
    -I pray that, that giving grace will come upon each and every one of us today.
    No one prospers by what they give him, you prosper by what you give.
    If you get today, you don’t give. You will need to beg tomorrow, to have a blessing.
    It is the law that guides human existence on the earth.
    You sow sparingly, you reap sparingly; you sow bountifully, you reap bountifully.
    -May the same grace upon Christ that gave and gave until He gave His ow n life and to reign forever and ever, come upon each one of us afresh, in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Proverbs 11:24-25
    Giving is what creates a future of abundance. Only givers can ever secure their future of abundance. Get committed to it, stay with it (Luke 6:38).
    Giving is the gateway to a world of abundance and there is the spirit of grace for giving.
    When you see grace, you are also talking of power (Acts 4:33). There is a Giving power that begets the power for wealth.
    You want to flow in God’s agenda of wealth for His Church, then commit to the giving power that makes it happen.
    -No one here shall end up a beggar.
    -No matter where you are today, your giving life will keep changing your story.
    It is important for me to mention here that God’s abundance is geared towards building His Kingdom (Zechariah 1:17, Matthew 24:14).
    We must understand that God’s prosperity plan is for promoting God’s Kingdom on earth. Get committed, get connected and see how God will keep decorating your life, in the name of Jesus Christ.
    -Many here will lay up gold as dust.
    The gold of Ophir will be like stones of the brooks in your eyes.
    Many here shall command plenty of silver and because of the anger of men, God will be your defence.
    Anyone who goes against you for God’s blessings in your life will go down for you.
    -Where you are today is the least place you will ever be in your life, in the name of Jesus Christ.
    Prayers: Ask for a fresh enduement with the giving grace. In Jesus precious name we have prayed.

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