-Bishop David Oyedepo at 1st Service, Faith Tabernacle

  • No direction, no motion.
  • Will I ever be in a (Political) party in my life? No. Gone forever.
  • I knew God has positioned far above, for nations when I was not above a town or a street.
    Nothing empowers like an encounter with the Word because the Word is the hiding place of God’s power. What the Holy Ghost does is to open us up to where the power required to deliver our desire is. To open up, that is where it is.
    I encountered Matthew 6:33 1976, it is turning me on the inside up till now. His power is hidden in His Word.
    -May You encounter the Word for you today that will change your story forever.
    Father, thank You for another day. We give You glory and praise for keeping us all through last week, for bringing us into Your presence today.

Let no one return without an encounter with You. Thank You Lord, in Jesus precious name.
God has ordained your turnaround experience for the year, don’t sell off to carelessness; to carnality; to ‘well if it happens, if it doesn’t happen, it’s okay’: run with it. My turnaround is ordained for the year and I won’t let go.
-In the name of the Lord Jesus, no one will miss out of his own turnaround encounter this year.
-Your turnaround package shall be fully delivered into your hands, in the name of Jesus Christ.
Let me start by helping us to appreciate that we are not just in a Church family, we are in a highly prophetic family, by election of grace not by anybody’s expertise. The Holy Ghost spoke to me on Operation Get The Ark On The Move and yesterday alone via that Operation, the first outing yesterday: 289 new Cells as at the time of report were born.
These are not make up, they are not things you just sit down and try to figure. Here, God speaks in very clear terms. As at the time of this report, 858 new Cells were created yesterday. Awesome God.
Deuteronomy 18:21-22
You are sitting in the midst of raw fulfillment of prophecy.

This building was spoken about 17 years before it came to existence. Internet technology was spoken prophetically about 14 years before it came into existence or made available to the public. We are here today in this Service, I can’t tell whether 150 nations or 120 0r 140 or 170 nations are gathered hearing the Word from this altar. That was spoken of 1982.

There was nothing to portray a prosperous ministry but God said, He showed me, I saw me flying, I saw eagles flying, I saw birds flying, I called it wings and I said, “what are these?”
(God): These are aircrafts with you inside bearing the everlasting gospel to nations of the world.
It is not an ambition, that somebody would wake up…they are not things you can copy. They are either told you or you die under it.
You have seen enough prophetic Words come to pass. You saw 10,000 Churches planted last year in spite of COVID-19, they are not make up stuff.
Did you see where God is coming from now? Double the number of Cells of last year.
It is not make up, it is not technique, it is not ‘you are using system’
It is God speaking.
God spoke to me concerning you that He has a Turnaround package for you, but you will have to do what He says to do, to see it.
“We have no wine”, she said, “whatever He tells you to do, do it” (John 2:5)
You can’t sit down waiting. You are wasting away.
You see, proximity is a problem with the prophetic. People miss out very easily! Some are more engaging today in China than some people who are in Nigeria, just by hearing from the Prophet. Some live on this Campus, they don’t know anything is happening. They don’t know nothing is happening. It is a Mission field, this place. Some don’t know anything is happening.
Proximity can be a lot of disadvantage. A lot.
I am privileged to be among the few God shows things long before they happen.
I told this Nation, you are heading for trouble: 2015. Are they in trouble or in turbulence? Turbulence.
I saw the wickedness of the wicked been forced on the land. Now no direction, no motion.
It is not one company sat down, said, “we are Founders.” Nonsense. A Prophet.
When a Prophet speaks, He speaks the heart of God.
I can’t believe the prophetic Word for you. You have to believe it. I can’t!
You have to believe it if you want to see it come to pass in your life.
Interestingly sir, there is no devil that can stop some people experiencing their massive turnaround which has started already.
There are some who won’t know there is turnaround anywhere because of their careless approach to the demands of the covenant, to make it happen.
God has ordained a good old age for us: Yes
On what platform? On fruit bearing! Not on sitting down and doing exercise.
Exodus 23:25
Not that you wait and be jumping, jogging up and down in town. There are some people here when we are coming for Covenant Hour of Prayer, they are doing exercise, I say, “I wish they know what they need.”
There is nothing wrong with exercise, but if you don’t have an exercised spirit, you are gone. You need your spirit to be strong and on its feet.
-Somebody’s story is changing.
My team by the grace of God, has brought 86,223 souls into the Kingdom this year. We don’t have a comprehensive access to all of them: some have 10 digits, some have 5 digits in their telephone number, some mixed it, so we can’t reach out to them. But we have been able to reach out to about 55,000 of them and 19,023 have stepped into this Church for the year.
We are not soaring because you are called, you are soaring because you are fruitful.
You are moving up, God is no respecter of persons, because you are fruitful.
Well done, thou good and faithful servant, you have been faithful over a few things, now have thou authority over 10 cities, over 20 cities, over 1 nation, over 2 nations, over 20 nations, over 100 nations, over 200 nations, then over the world (Luke 19:17, 19).
Wake up and stop counting years. Please start counting results. Start counting fruits born, start counting values added.
Are you in prayers? Did you ever pray for this Service before you came?
Did you pray any prayer for the Church since the week began?
Is it not give me, give me that you have been praying?
And if you have been doing something for so long and it is not working, why can’t you review? Review to improve on your results. Review!
I have been from Mountain to Mountain in my life, I have not gone there asking for anything personal. Long before I was called to Ministry. No.
“God move, help me to be a part of it.”
-I pray that your presence here will not just be to occupy a seat but to secure your place in God. You will and your children’s children will draw from it, in the name of Jesus Christ.
Any prophetic Word you don’t embrace cannot deliver in your life. You don’t embrace it, forget it.
Matthew 10:41
Some fellows were so upset when I was talking against this evil government. They were so upset.
Will I ever be in a (Political) party in my life? No. Gone forever. I knew God has positioned far above, for nations when I was not above a town or a street.

I knew by divine insight.
-That is where God is taking you to.
He (God) said, “I have given you the people. Now raise them with Me. School them into exploits.”
You need to be schooled, to know what it demands to fulfil God’s complete agenda for your life and you will not miss it.

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