Pastor Godman Akinlabi at Recharge Conference day 3, morning service.
If you are clapping, do it well for Jesus. For those who are here present, and for those following online, can you help me celebrate my friends, Pastor Yemi, and Bimbo, appreciate them for the great, inspiring, faith-filled works that they do here at Global Impact Church.
I appreciate the in-house Pastors who are here today, it’s a privilege to be here, to share with us some things this beautiful Friday morning, because Pastor Yemi has said he will charge me for every extra I spend.

I want you to lift your hands, and say, God, prepare me for what you have prepared for me because there are things God has prepared for you, but first, you have to appraise your life, focus on those Vitamins and supplements, that you need to bring into your life right now, So you can actualize your destiny.

Wave those hands to Jesus right now. For every single person in this house right now, can you say father, I release myself to you, help me to be self-aware, help me to see the places I need to work on. Amen.

For the singles that are here, we will start with you, let’s read the book of 2Peter 1:3 In the NLT. I am speaking to the singles here on the topic: Will you marry you? I want you to look at the self appeal of your person and have a self-appraisal. I wrote a book a few years ago, it’s a mini-book, and it will be available out there.

Our resource people are here. I have written quite a several books on relationships, Eg, Sexuality gets in place. That’s my first book ever on relationships. God has given us all we need for Godly Living. The one who called us unto Himself.

Many people love to take painkillers, but we don’t take Vitamins.

They take Analgesics, and Paracetamols, and all these things, but I will rather live my life taking Vitamins, so I won’t run into painful areas of life. As a single, if you, take a critical appraisal of yourself, will you say you have that appeal, that will make you marry you?

Think about this thing yourself. I am not the one getting married, someone else is looking for a marriage partner, someone living according to that passage, someone preparing himself or herself as a worthy future spouse.

If I am preparing myself to be the right person, then God is faithful to give me the right person. Just do the right thing so you can become desirable. So before you spend too much time in prayer, make sure you are desirable.

Are you the kind of person, person you are thinking of marrying, will want to marry? Then when that happens, it’s a catalytic event, heaven will rejoice. Ask yourself, if I am single, am I the person I am looking for?

Today I want to speak on living a life that is preparing for life in the future.
Anyone that wants to marry, is looking for someone living and alive, not just existing. Some people are just existing, not living.

1 Corinthians 15:45, the Bible describes the first man Adam and then described Christ. Adam was described as a living soul. The least everyone should be is a living soul., but the truth is we are all looking for a life-giving spirit.

Someone who has something to give, who has life within him. We are after the order of Christ, we are life-giving spirits, the least expected is to be a living person. I want to get to that level where I become a life-giving spirit, emitting the life of God, living and giving life.

Adam did not grow, he just appeared, but Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. To be a life-giving spirit, you have to grow, that’s the point.

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