It is the height of Disrespect and Disloyalty to your leaders in ministry, for them to keep mute over a matter and you are busy talking about it all over social media.

Please who actually trained you?

One of the things that helped me as an assistant Pastor that is still helping me even as the Senior Servant over Answers Assembly is that I have never operated above my official capacity on matters that my superiors should handle and manage.

Whenever there is a trending issue on social media that is of national importance, you have to understand the body language of your fathers and mentors and find a way to operate within that premise.

Always ask yourself the following..

1. What is the stand of my ministry on this matter?

2. What is my Spiritual Father saying about it. If he is not saying anything, you will be very foolish shouting all over Facebook.

3. How does my church speak to us about issues without saying anything to us. Meaning you must understand the body language of your Spiritual Father and the Church.

4. Is this matter beyond my capacity and level at the moment in life and ministry.

5. If I speak about this issue, will I be considered a foolish person or a wise person? Sometimes we speak and remove every form of doubt about our being foolish.

6. Has God spoken to me about it? Can you stand before God and say of a truth God told me what I am saying on this matter?

7. Can you stand the consequence of jumping into a matter bigger than you? Some of us don’t even know the consequence of our utterances.

8. What is the view of the Christian umbrella to which we all belong. What you don’t know is that all fathers in the land are under a body that regulate their activities. No Father is beyond them. You can only get angry but they will still regulate your activities. If those who claim not to be part of that body still pay their dues to the body. You should then know how powerful that body is.

9. And lastly, if you are a General Overseer over a people, have you considered the negative ripple effect of such a move over those under your care?

Please be guided.

As a Personal policy on matters that is of a national importance or concern, I don’t speak publicly unless I know what my father and mentors are saying on the subject matter.

Even when your church and Spiritual father may appear very wrong, you are not permitted by scripture to disagree with them publicly on some sensitive issues as long as you are still under their leadership.

Thanks for your understanding.

Irabor Wisdom.

Presiding Bishop Answers Assembly.

Warri Delta State.

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