What’s The Difference between Hylamax and Hyla NG Rabbit?



The Hyla rabbit
In a bid to developing a rabbit with a big feed conversion ratio, as well as a better meat to bone ratio, a company that once existed in France-EUROLAP- cross bred New Zealand White and Californian rabbits through genetic selection and modification for years. This procedure brought about the development of Grand Parents Stock (GPS).

The male line of the GPS has phenotypic characteristics that resembles the Californian Rabbit, a ruby-eyed whites rabbit with black extremities (GPA and GPB) while the Female GPS line having a phenotypic characteristics mimicking the New Zealand White rabbit, all white with ruby eyes (GPC and GPD. All A-D were genetically selected while bred individually.

Mating the genetically selected male line GPA with GPB produced What is known as your HYLA MAX . ONLY the male offspring from this litter is sold from EUROLAP to farms, this is the Parents stock(PS) male. The female line of is gotten from breeding the GPC with GPD, ONLY the female kits from this litter is selected and sold by Eurolap to rabbit farms forming the female Hyla PS line named HYLA NG (The NG has nothing to do with NIGERIA).

When Farms purchase Hyla from Eurolap, they are sold as selected Parents stock (PS) MAX and NG not the Grand Parent Stock (GPS).

The Hyla PS is identified by tattooed identification digits(Alphanumeric) in its ears.

Hyla MAX is bred to Hyla NG to produce kit known as FINAL PRODUCT. Kits from the this litter look like either New zealand white or Californian rabbits. These final products reach 3.5kg in 8-10 weeks(2- 2.5 months) and 5- 5.5kg at maturity (4.5 months).

These kits regardless of their phenotypic colour display are in no way Hyla Max nor Hyla NG but “final products” that are meant for slaughter for meat and pelt not to be sold as PS.


EUROLAP France became defunct around 2017, 3 years ago and no longer sells Hyla since then. A similar company exists in Russia doing same today with different PS names.

To purchase the real strain of Hyla rabbits, you will have buy it from directly from EUROLAP france. If you have purchased HylA MAX or Hyla NG within Nigeria you purchased the final products.

When hyla “final products” are bred you most likely are breeding siblings or 2nd generation siblings (inbreeding). This may be true since you don’t have the pedigree records of the PS.

Kits from 1st generation final products or later never meet the 3.5kg at 8-10 weeks nor 5-5.5jg at 4.5 months. They also lack ear tattoos.

In my early years of rabbitry, I searched for Flemish giants and ended up in farms claiming to have the breed. I left all farms disappointed, while the farmers still certain their 3 year old, 3.5kg adult Flemish is a Flemish only because the farmer they got it from assured them its a Flemish giant.

If you have purchased a female hyla max(white,red eyes with dark extremities) or male hyla NG(all white looking ruby coloured eyes), or have bought the right gender colours without tattoos, what you must know is that, right now, the Hylas in Nigeria are not exactly the way it originated form Eurolap, however, there are still top quality Hyla Rabbit in Nigeria, maybe not all rabbit farms have them, but I have them and many other people still do also.


Watch the Video below for better understanding;


So what is the difference between Hylamax and Hyla NG Rabbit?

Hyla max Rabbit
Hyla max Rabbit


Hyla max have the black extremities at the Tip of the Ear, the nose, the tail, and the foot region, having a asiilar look with California rabbit but with a larger body size and fast growth rate.

On the other hand the Hyla NG rabbit are just like New Zealand, no black touches, the entire fur is white all over the body, but the two have pink eyes coloration.

Look at the pictures below for better Understanding;


This is an HYLAMAX Rabbit, currently 5kg and 8month old



This is an HYLA NG Doe, currently 9month old, (littered twice) and is 5.2kg


Some people also ask, what is the difference between New zealand White and Hyla Rabbit?

New Zealand white are pure rabbit, recognized by the AMERICAN RABBIT BREEDS ASSOCIATION, it as been in existence before hyla, and it is not a cross breed, it is a purebred. It is fully white fur in body and red eyes, (more of an albino eye coloration), new Zealand are not as big as the Hylas, but they are good for both breeding and for meat production.

Hylas are genetically modified, they are no in existence before, it is in the bid of producing rabbit with fast growth rate and better muscular development to meet up with the ever increasing need for animal protein that brought about the Hyla Rabbit development. Hyla was genetically formed by crossing california white with New zealand White with some other genetic modification processes, and they are known for fast growth rate, speedy muscular development, large litters and resistance to diseases.

We have 3 types of Hyla;

The White Hyla falls into two category, which is the Hylamax and Hyla Ng, while the third one is Hyla colored.

The Colored Hyla are not white they are combination of various breeds, but with the same rapid growth rate feature and good litter size, it can come out in form of Dutch, Harlequin, Chinchilla, Agouti, beveren and other rabbit breed colors, but they are very big, an average Hyla colored attains 5kg and even more at full maturity.

When you want to buy Good quality hylas, ensure you are in touch with the right farmer, with gd foundation stocks and record, if you want to buy quality hyla rabbit n Nigeria, you can call or chat me on 07066784204.


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