My name is Ashiazi Musa. Sister Ashiazi Musa has been a member of one of the orthodox Churches for so many years. While she was there her life was battered, shattered and scattered. One night the servant of God appeared to her and told the demon in her to leave her alone. Thereafter he gave her a paper and told her to go get a job. She got up, got a call and she got a job.

That was the job that turned her life around. Her life was transformed so much that she bought a house for her parents. The challenge started. Some men walked up to her and she was threatened about her property. They threatened to kill her. They continuously called and sent text messages to her. She then saw the servant of God again praying for her. This time she was getting ready to remain planted in the Church. She came to Church, the senior pastor saw her, cancelled the spirit of death and she fell under the anointing and one giant being walked out of her head. Before this time she used to sleep on her steering to the extent that people wake her up while driving. The servant of God prayed for her and that servant of God was blasted out. Praise God.


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