As a Christian idleness is not good for you; God doesn’t like us to just sit around whiling away time, but most times you find so many Christian doing that.  Remember the Bible says; “Occupy Till I come” You are meant to be busy, with your Business, Career, Destiny and the service of the Lord, you are gifted and filled with potentials, which you must activate and deploy to get great reward.

The blessings of the Lord will not just fall from Heaven, it need a channel by which it will reach you.  No matter how small what it is that you are doing, as long as it is in line with God’s plan for your life, it will yield for you and you can be so blessed with it and people will wonder and ask themselves what are you doing because they will not have thought that what you are doing will yield this much for someone.

God said “I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion”. (Romans 19:15)

So it really doesn’t matter what business that is giving profit the most, but the mercy and compassion of God.

 The hand of God in any business can change the level of that business.

Also remember, The Bible says, Thou shall remember the Lord thy God, for it is he that giveth thee, Power to get wealth Deut 8:18.

 Here I will be sharing with you 10 business that require little or no capital to start

1. Cake baking:

You can work from home by producing cakes for sale. With the increasing numbers of events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, cake producers make a lot of money working from home.

All you need is to have the cake production knowledge and the tools and you are good to go. Don’t wait for companies to hire you. Implement this idea and you will be happy for yourself.

2. Bead-Making Business:  Fashion is one thing the world can’t do without and so many people like to put on native wears but it will not be complete without the use of beads.  If you like fashion, you could learn the art of making of bags, belts, jewelries etc. with string and beads.   Many people make good money from it.

3. Graphics Design business

If you have a computer system and you have the knowledge of Corel Draw and Photoshop, you could start a graphics design business. You don’t need to be excellent at the initial stage but would definitely improve with time. Try talk to anyone that could put you through and you are good for the business. Learn from other graphics out there, and do your stuff.  It’s really high paying, a lot of businesses, organization, Churches now leverage Graphic design services to print their banners, handbills, fliers, logo and more, so you have a waiting and ready market for your skill.

4. Freelance writing services

If you are very good with words, then you can start a freelance writing service. This would involve handling writing assignments for clients. Most Nigerians are not really good with writing and do not fancy it either. So you could seize this opportunity and start a freelance writing business. You could write CV’s, business plans, reports, articles, projects, eBooks, books, press releases, proposals etc. and you make your money. A good place to get started with Freelancing service is Fiverr.

5. Web design services

You need knowledge of WordPress and /or HTML coding to start this business. You build websites for clients and make your money from it. Under this Web Design is Blogging, which is a very lucrative Business on the internet today, I have make millions from Blogging and you can do the same, it’s not so stressful, and it doesn’t cost you so much to get started. With a good knowledge of web design or a service of an expert, you can get started.

6. Start Selling E-books/Videos

Who said Nigerians don’t read? Well, they actually do, but only when you write on what they want and in the way they want it. Think about pressing needs and write on them and publish them in an e-book format since the traditional way might be capital intensive. All you need do is research your topic, then write, type and convert it to a PDF on Microsoft word.

There are so many topics that can you can write about.

7. Barbing or hair dressing.

In the world today, so many people male and female like looking good and the hair is one of the things that make someone look good and because of that many people go to the saloon to dress their hair. To start this you need to either know how to barb or how to dress hair for females. And also the necessary things needed for hair dressing. It has made lot of money for people and if you are super good you can be called to travel from one place to another to make hair.

8. Tutoring service

If you have flare for teaching or are good in teaching, then, you could consider setting up a tutoring service. It could be lecturing Nursery or Primary School pupils after school or weekends, or even tutoring secondary students on certain subjects in preparation for external exams such as WAEC, NECO, JAMB etc. You could also engage in tutoring College students who need assistance on a particular course. You’ll definitely make your money.

9. Become an Online Tutor

If you are smart and very good in any endeavor and wouldn’t mind imparting knowledge in others, you can make money by becoming an online tutor. You send a series of text lessons to your students or a video. You could teach people for a fee on Whatsapp, Facebook, email and other platforms, with the Post Covid-19 Era, most Schools now embrace online tutorial and zoom classes, so you can make money from your knowledge sharing, both in form of Ebook and you can even develop an App for study and examination preparation for students ad charge a fee for it.

10. Dance and Music Classes

If you are really good at dancing or play any musical instrument well, you can become a music or dance instructor. You can start from your neighborhood, your church or even in your school. Teach people to dance, play musical instruments or even sing, and you make money.

11. Rabbit Farming: Yes! You can make a lot of money from Rabbit Farming Business, I made about #3.5million from my Rabbit Business last year, rabbit are very prolific animals and they give birth to large litters, their pregnancy period is just 1month and maturity is within 5month, so it doesn’t take a long time for your rabbit to start producing, they increase in number very fast and there is market for it, you can read more on how to get started with Rabbit Farming Business here.

With just venturing into one of this, you can change your story financially. But you also have to do it well because so that you can meet the needs of your customers’ and also be blessed by God.

Ecclesiastes 9:10 “Whatever your hand finds doing, do it with all your might,…”


By Matex

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